Hi all,

I wanted to share that i've recently added in a Happy Nerding FX AID and it does a really great job for built in effects.
I have been working on some jams recently as i'm still teaching myself how to play a modular live.
it is an awesome fun. :)

You can check out my latest jam here:

And, I took the case on a trek to Portland and did some jamming while under quarantine in my hotel room.
You can check out that set of jams/random parts here:

Any thoughts and feedback on the jam are appreciated as i'm still learning how to get a reasonable dance sound going. :)

Notes on the setup:
1) All sounds from the Portland sessions were recorded directly from the case.
2) The kick drum is a sample from the 2hp play (i'll put in my own samples soon, but just stated with they had to get it going)
3) My primary voice in the Manis running through the C4BON filter and using the bublesound hex system for VcA control.
The notes are sequenced from the Circles and the notes are coming from the o_C via the Enigma Jr.
4) The drone and background texture is from the Godspeed going into the Squak Dirty and then into the Clouds module.
5) it is put through my mixer and then pulled back through the Compressor where i've used the kick as a side chain setup.
6) then out to either my portable recording device (in the case of going to Portland) or, to my computer if i'm here at home.

Your Portland jam sounds great. I feel like I'm at Berghain. :)
Looks like you have a fairly versatile techno set-up here.
Have fun and good luck!

Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to listen.
Much appreciated.