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As I wait for my new Doepfer monster base case to arrive, I am looking at a new complex analog oscillator to spice up my setups. Considering Instruo CS-l, Verbos Complex Oscillator, Frap Tools Brenso, Furthrr and Rossum Trident. Also looking for a good filter to complement them. Thoughts? I plan to pair it with Hertz Donut that I want for FM stuff. Add in some drums and I am golden.

Make noise DPO + Rossum Linnaeus

Xaoc Belgrad too.

I went with the Furthrrr Generator and couldn't be happier. I pair it with an Optomix LPG fairly often, but I'm thinking about adding a QPAS soon. I like the DPO as well.

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Thanks also curious what Lugia, Garfield, and Jim think for complex analog oscillator goodness. There are soo many choices. @farkas- yes a good LPG is perfect for it as well as good filter and support tools. I have a matrix mixer, another sequential switch and logic module as well as attenuator/mult on wish list to pair up as well. In my two modular systems, I use these support modules a lot with complex patches. Aiming for classic 80s-90s dance house techno industrial sounds like what Ministry, Depeche Mode and others did even though they used mostly Roland and Moog stuff.

Hi Sacguy71,

Well many good complex VCOs have already been mentioned, for example the DPO of Make Noise, it's high on my wish list too.

ACL's Variable Sync VCO or Multi-Function discrete VCO are options to keep in mind. Now don't laugh but the Doepfer - A-111-2 High End VCO might be a good option too, this isn't a simple VCO and offers a lot for the money. I have this module and I am really happy with it.

If it is your cup of tea, you might want to consider the Intellijel's Rubicon2. I got it, but I am actually not sure if this one is worth the money, it can do fantastic things and you really get a complex VCO, but is it worth it for what you are paying here? I am not too sure...

Not extremely complex but a lot of fun, at least for me, is the E330 - Multimode VCO from Synthesis Technology, I like that one.

Already mentioned the - Furthrrrr Generator, I had it tested two times at my local dealer. The first time I just didn't manage to get any sound out of it at all, no idea if it was broke or I just didn't know how to use it. The second time it kind of blow my head clean off, this is a nice generator, bloody expensive but from all that expensive stuff out there this one might be worth it I think, it's high on my wish list too.

That having all said...

I wonder if I am the only one here but is it worth it to pay say 600 or 800 bucks for a "complex oscillator"? For many of those complex oscillators their prices are in the region of some serious good and complex sequencers! Those expensive sequencers are already far too expensive, if you would ask me. So I am not 100% convinced yet about some of those serious expensive complex oscillators.

The DPO (haven't tested it yet though) and the Furthrrrrr Generator might be the exceptions but the rest, is it really worth that kind of fortune? I am not sure.

Give it a very good thought before you buy such an expensive "complex" (or should it be called "expensive") oscillator! Better have it tested at your local dealer first!

Take care, have a good weekend and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield,

I took advantage of sales to buy two new cases so will have plenty of space now. A Doepfer monster base with 300HP+ of free space to use with my two Doepfer full 6U cases and a new MDLR 14 portable case that has even more room plus a row of 1u power and space for smaller 1u Intellijel modules. That MDLR will be my portable modular rig once COVID ends. I did order a bunch of new modules for these like Rossum Trident oscillator, Rossum Morpheus Z Filter as well as Expert Sleepers Disting EX, Marbles, Rings, Shades, Plog, and support modules like 4ms VCA Mixer so I can have fun creating self generative patches! That should keep me busy for a long time. Maybe by end of next year the new Erica Synths Black Sequencer and Ground Control will be out.

Hi Sacguy71,

Fair enough :-) Let me know how you like that Rossum Trident oscillator, might be a nice one!

Kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield,

Here is what I have on the way for my Christmas gift to myself:

ModularGrid Rack

The Doepfer Monster base case and WMD Metron sequencer will arrive later :-)

Hi Sacguy71,

Looks great :-) The rack is already nearly half full, before the end of 2021 you need another monster case ;-)

Have fun and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield :-)

Yeah, I wanted larger modules that interest me so a much larger rack was mandatory. I did not want to repeat the mistake of getting only a 6U case when 12u was required. Now I feel better- with the new MDLR 14U case coming soon and the Doepfer Monster Base case, that should give me 400HP to play with even after adding the new modules and sequencers/mixers/support modules. Now I need a bigger place to live to house future gear. That should put off buying much more until end of next year. Maybe I get another Doepfer monster base plus 14U monster case on top of that. But want portable modular cases- beyond 14u makes carry difficult. Of course with covid lockdowns, it may be years until live performance venues open again.


imo, I really really wanted de VE-CO because it looks so damn solid and all the reviews I saw in YouTube seems that it sounds phenomenal buuuut, I went fro the CS-L. Gosh demon aye, best best best sound source I have ever listen to, really. The quality is a bit doubtable to be fair, It looks super formal and gorgeous but the face panel is clearly plastic (also the knobs BUT doesn't feel cheap) but is indeed solid (not as solid as de ve-co)

I have to say that it's a little bit of a thing the "hands-on" process because it's small (26hp for a CO - this is the main reason why I picked it, cause my cases aren't that big) but jesus christ, it's just comes straight from the output and the path-signal is just pure cosmic sound design exploration (i'm sending cv from the pico seq and it's sooo easy)

No more experience with CO's. I have read about them all, my choose was this (as I mention the size it was pretty handy for me - you can check on my rack ) but it does sound so clean: Cs-L guys from INSTRUO if at some point you read this, thumbs up !

This is my first post in ModularGrid, big fan
Cheers lads !

Thanks also curious what Lugia, Garfield, and Jim think for complex analog oscillator goodness. There are soo many choices.
-- sacguy71

Too true! However, the best bargain in complex VCOs right now is also one of the true greats: Tiptop's Buchla 258t. Two VCOs with some interesting interconnection voodoo, but another fun thing is that you can take one of the VCOs, waveshape it, then mix it back against the first VCO to get that dual-timbre sound. But that's just scratching the surface, really...the 258 might look simple, but with the right "helpers", it's a powerhouse!

Still not sure about complex oscillators, after the first demos of the furthrrr generator i was like WOOOWWW, but then i looked at it and realized that i already have all of those components in my system and it (and most other complex oscillators) are quite limited due to the internal wiring and lack of possibilities to change those. I can do a lot more with seperate components. But maybe thats the charme and idea of being limited, like with some hardwaresynths like the simple 101 you quickly get results that would take a lot of time, money and modules to patch.
But then again probably too expensive for me. Like some vintage thing that has its charme because of the limitations.

Nah...those Tiptop Buchla 258s are only $200. Add a few "extras", like VCA control for the FM "modulator" VCO, a bit of waveshaping, et al...and you STILL come out well-equipped for cheap!

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Update since then, I have the DPO, Trident, and Furthrrr Generator as well as Hertz Donut and Loquelic Iteritas Percido as complex oscillators now. All great but the Rossum Trident is great overall and Hertz Donut can be super aggressive or organ and flute like tones.

I have recently discovered Cosmotronic modules from the Netherlands and their Vortex complex oscillator is now on my wishlist.

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I recently bought a Verbos Complex Oscillator and it is absolutely the most amazing module. It's got incredibly huge warm sound that can go full brashy to soft and warm balloons. And yes, it can go way dark and big (play those minor triads!). I'm loving the Trident also but at nearly $900 right now, that's a huge bite, when I can create similar tone from other modules in my racks.

Others have already said it here and it bears repeating: you can create a complex oscillator out of your existing modules if you use another VCO as a modulation source. Pick something large and warm as your "base" VCO and modulate with just about any other module. Experiment and see what you come up with. I often pair a Castor & Pollux with either Plaits or one of my warm Doepfer VCOs.

Before I bought the Verbos, I used four Electrosmith 3340s detuned slightly to create monstrously huge dark drones. Controlled with a Befaco Muxlicer and a clock set to way way slow. Dark times, my friend. Dark times.

Have fun!

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