Hi everyone,

So my new MDLR 14U case arrives next week along with fun modules, yay! Anyways here is what I have arriving next week:
ModularGrid Rack

Now, I realize it is not perfect but I have almost 2 full rows (200HP) free to address any weak points in the build. Open to suggestions, advice and recommendations from the modular veterans and experts as always here. I did make sure to get plenty of VCAs, EGs, mixers including the 4ms VCA Matrix mixer as this intrigued me for the options plus a couple new complex oscillators and new filter and sequencer. The Harvestman Stillson Hammer MK2 was a good buy so wanted it for sequencer and hope it is an improvement over the Varigate 4+ in my other rack. I do have a Metron trigger sequencer on order and may get the 512 Vector sequencer at some point or the Erica Synths Black Sequencer, Eloquencer or Endorphin.es Ground control if it ever gets released in next few years. I also got Marbles for function generator as the VCV Rack model was a lot of fun and will be nice change from Quadrax in my other setup. The holiday online sales were good deal and saved me a great deal of money on this gear.

Hi Sacguy71,

Wow big rack, so this one comes on top of that Doepfer monster case 6U (2 * 168 HP), right? Why not putting everything into one rack here on Modulargrid? At least you have everything into one view? That's how I do it with my racks. I have a base monster rack from Doepfer (A-100LMB) and on top another monster rack the A-100LMS9 but here in my rack view I put that as one rack, easier to overview the whole thing, in my opinion.

But somehow the MDLR 14U doesn't add up, I am missing 2 U, isn't it? Here you display 4 rows * 3 U = 12 U, so do I miss here two rows of 1 U? Why not adding them here to the rack view?

It's good to see you still have some decent free space, that's always good to have for (near) future extensions :-)

Have fun with the planning and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Garfield,

No, this is the MDLR 14U portable case that came on sale this week. I needed a new case until pre-order for the Doepfer monster base case arrives in few weeks or months. I decided to have more than enough space so I don't run out quite as fast this time :-)

There are two 1U tile rows of 126HP space for Intellijel and Pulp logic tile modules as well in the MDLR case. Unfortunately, this website tool does not let you add that for larger cases unless you pay $40/year for a unicorn premium account here. So I will create an add on to case for 1u modules :-) to get around this extra cost.
. So for Intellijel and Pulp logic 1u modules, what would you recommend?

Here is what the actual case will look like empty:

I figure these two new cases will keep me busy for the next couple of years! Now I can get big and small wide platform for mobile modular events after COVID ends! I will use the Doepfer monster base for sequencers/mixers, support and few more FX, sampler, voices and other stuff as time goes on.

Hi Sacguy71,

If you are willing to spend 20 bucks (per year, but you can stop after one year if you don't like it), you can get a Unicorn account here then you can create larger racks. Then select 6 rows and then there is an option to select which row is 1 U (more 1 U rows are possible). You can go up to a total of 10 rows with the Unicorn account.

You might want to consider that, I just renewed my Unicorn account and I love it, I can create larger rack-overviews :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

I will consider it but I just blew a bunch on new gear :-)
So budget exhausted til next year. The 1u modules look nice for support modules and Intellijel Steppy sequencer to play with Stillson Hammer for 2 sequencers in one portable setup. I do want to add a sampler and more FX plus granular synthesis.

Hi Sacguy71,

Oh come on, you just spent a small fortune on cases and modules and then 20 bucks a year for creating bigger racks here would top your budget? ;-) With that Unicorn account you are supporting this website too :-) No, I am not one of the owners of this website, just supporting them by trying to convince you ;-)

Regarding your 1 U modules question. I almost bought last year two Intellijel 7U cases and put quite some efforts in checking those 1U modules, check out my rack-planning for that double-Intellijel 7U case, those 1U modules might be interesting to consider. I put the whole plan on hold so I didn't continue this rack planning but for the 1U modules it might be interesting. Meanwhile a few new 1U modules have been released I noticed, so check out the 1U modules that had been released this year by Intellijel.

ModularGrid Rack

Once you got the MDLR case please let me know your impression after a few days of use, looks like a great case!

Have fun with it and please keep us updated, kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

Thanks Garfield, I will consider it. Having two rows of 1u is nice to add tools so free space for larger fun modules. For 1u, probably add some tools like attenuator, mults, noise tools, clock, and steppy for sequencer and maybe micro 1u O&C.

This looks like I would have a lot of fun with that rig. One thing I see missing is a row or three of buffered mults. Or a patchbay, like you can find on the the Make Noise shared systems? https://www.makenoisemusic.com/synthesizers/black-and-gold-shared-system-plus
I have no experience with bigger Racks yet, but feel like I would get great use of routing things through a bay from point A to B sometimes.

This looks like I would have a lot of fun with that rig. One thing I see missing is a row or three of buffered mults.
-- zuggamasta

They're probably not missing. You only need buffered mults if you're splitting out a scalar CV to several VCOs, VCFs, etc, so that you can avoid detuning due to voltage sag, and even there, you can then passively mult the buffered CV signal to two or three destinations. Plus, with the advent of all of the inline passive mults, taking up space in all but the most massive systems for that function simply doesn't make sense.

Thanks Lugia and everyone,

I plan to do some re-organizing of my three racks

case 1- the new 14U MDLR that has two rows of 1u tile space-
Levit8, VC8, Mordax, Trident, Morpheus filter, Plog, Marbles, etc
Add 1u tiles for support tools maybe Steppy 1u, FX 1u tiles, etc.

ModularGrid Rack

I have also thought about moving the Bionic Lester MK3 and Kermit mk3 from case 2 (below) to this for a complete Harvestman section to use together.

case 2: mostly full 6U Doepfer- Shades and add Clep Diaz for LFO modulation
and move the Befaco Hex VCA to monster base case below to connect to Befaco Hexmixer
ModularGrid Rack

case 3- Doepfer monster base- Befaco Hex mixer, Befaco Hex VCA for chained benefits (moved from the 6u Doepfer case 2 above)
(will sit under case 2), WMD Metron sequencer (on pre-order)

ModularGrid Rack
Thoughts on this plan?

Hi Sacguy71,

Most of it looks okay to me, perhaps you could add a few "basic" VCOs/DCOs? A few more Doepfer VCOs? Or the STO from Make Noise? Dixie II+ from Intellijel? Adding these more basic VCOs next to your more complex oscillators, I think will make it more complete? I know you have a bit more not displayed here but still.

And filters, can you have ever enough filters? :-)

Once added the VCOs and filters, space left could be filled with... VCAs, you know the saying here on this forum: "You never can have enough VCAs!" ;-)

Joking of course but perhaps one or two more VCAs really wouldn't harm, would it?

Have fun with the planning and testing out the new stuff once it arrives and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

Hey sacguy...have you thought about adding some sort of touchplate controller to the "bottom" row of the base case? While it's not cheap by a long shot, I have to admit that ARC's version of the Serge TKB would make this thing really HOWL. Not only do you get a set of touchplates, you ALSO get a multirow sequencer on top of that, which can be patched to be manipulated in real time. Chuck it in between the Metron and the Befaco stuff, and there you go!

@Garfield, thanks. Yeah I am saving up for another complex analog oscillator and filter maybe Verbos CO and Verbos Amp and tone! After being blown away by the analog power of my newly installed Rossum Trident triple oscillator yesterday, I love these things! Best basslines and crazy 80s sounds new wave.

@Lugia, yeah that would be super awesome to get the ARC touchplate sequencer for the Doepfer monster base case. I did get a Tetrapad with Tete extender yesterday for my MDLR case and had fun with it testing it out after I hooked it up. I am a sucker for touch biofeedback modules. I also want a joystick! Waiting for Intellijel Planar 2 ones.

Tetrapad + Serge TKB? That would sound like the win of all wins! Handle the pitch signals with the TKB, then employ the Tetrapad as a left-hand "expression" control with all the user definition you can stand!

Thanks Lugia!

I appreciate the feedback and your advice is welcome to make sure I build a monster powerful system. Love Tetrapad especially with the Tete extender that gives you gesture CV record and playback sequencer features. Still learning it as it is complex.

I will save up for the Serge TKB and a good joystick. Really loving my new gear- the Rossum Trident triple oscillator is superb.