Another ambient session with Make Noise Telharmonic, DPO, and Mother 32. Filters are QPAS and Zzzorb. Mimeophon and Clouds manipulate spacetime.

Nice tune @mowse, thanks as usual for sharing

Hi Mowse,

Oh yes! You managed to hyper spaced me far away yet again! :-) This time I made it all the way to Tywradol 5G2, beautiful planet if I may say so, it matches very well with your music, hence the reason (I guess, I am not sure) why I have been hyper spaced by you to Tywradol.

Today I forgot my bloody hand towel, so I am having a bit of a headache, not 100% to be compared with a jet lag this hyper space travelling but since we earthlings have nothing else to compare with, that's all I can give you here.

Now I need to find my way back home! It's good I got Zopple, so I zopple my way back home ;-)

Thank you very much for let me have such a good time here and kind regards, Garfield.