Hi all,

I have a new 14U MDLR rack arriving soon and new modules. I wanted to gather feedback on the ideal placement of modules like oscillators, filters, utilities and sequencers in a new setup. For example, I have a new Mordax Data clock modulator arriving soon and like some tips on where to put things.

Hi Sacguy71,

There was a few months back (might have been a bit longer ago) a nice post from... I think it was from Mowse (Mowse, was that you? If yes perhaps you can share the link here again?) where the updated rack was shown and logically been split in parts indicated by using coloured boundaries and that made it somehow very logically. Perhaps you can try to search for that post, most likely in the Racks section of this Forum. I felt that was very helpful.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Yea sorry cannot find it, I will mess about with placement. Waiting on some more gear to arrive- mixers and sequencers. I scored a deal on Stillson Hammer MK2 and Hertz Donut MK3 to complete my orange knobs rule Harvestman setup and waiting for Befaco Hexmixer and WMD Metron sequencer. I am also planning to move to larger studio space soon so I can put all my modular gear in one spot for easier access and patching. That will be my wall of modular.

That thread was missing bits, so here's a new version:

This is my largest modular build, a Pittsburgh Modular EP-420 with three rows of 140HP. This is often supplemented by a 104HP skiff and some other semi-modular synthesizers, but this is my main rig. Now, this is how I approach module placement and overall layout. Your mileage may vary.

Top row, red: Oscillators. Main sound sources. Other oscillators (Plaits, Dixie, BIA) get dropped into that 104HP skiff when I need them. Simple.

Middle row, yellow: Primary modulation sources and utilities. At eye level where I can find them quickly. Arranged by where they sit within my workflow.

Middle row, pink: VCA's. Leftmost VCA is often used to bring in outside signals from my Moog stack or that 104HP skiff.

Middle row, green: Effects and sound sculpting. Reverbs, delays, compression and EQ. End of chain stuff.

Bottom row, blue: Filters. I like to ping and play my filters, so they are where I can reach them easily.

Bottom row, orange: Popular stuff. Interactive things. Modules I reach for often or that want a lot of hands-on attention.

Once oscillators are chosen, overall movement is from lower left to top right, ending with Make Noise XOH to a sound interface. This layout really works for me. I know where everything is at. I can reach things that are most important to me. Developing muscle memory is easier when the landscape makes sense.

Hope this helps!

Many thanks mowse! Fortunately, using the cool befaco knurlies and larger case makes module placement far easier to move things around quickly and painless. Really loving new toys like WMD percussion modules and 4ms vca matrix mixer.

Hi Mowse,

Yes, that's what I meant :-) Thank you very much! Nice, good and clear overview.

Kind regards, Garfield.