My first

What's this supposed to be, exactly?

Trying to build an effects setup for bringing in outside sound sources.

Ahhh,, what I'd do would be to drop the Pam's right off the bat, because you don't really need timing and/or more modulation with that Maths in there. Instead, you need a proper input module and something isolating for an output because, if you're using external inputs, you have a higher possibility of AC leakage and other sorts of crud coming in on the outputs.

So...drop the Pam's. Then, you need to get a Nonlinearcircuits Envelope Follower (which also contains an input preamp and a 1/4" input jack) and a Happy Nerding Isolator. This leaves 2 hp (like it has now), and for that, my suggestion would be York Modular's Lockhart Wavefolder, which would also give you some selective distortion capabilities.

The envelope follower will output a modulation CV based on the input amplitude, which you'd find useful with either the Rings or the Wavefolder. And the output module features transformer isolation, which means you've got some "iron" in the signal path which would play nicely with a bit of overdrive to it, adding some nice euphonic warmup to the outputted signal.

Thank you. It’s looking like maths is hard to get ahold of right now. The the non linear envelope follower sounds great for me. And the out put too. I have the rainmaker already that I’ve been using for tape loops and sound samples to mix with my other hardware samplers. But I wanted to try to build something of a effects unit to run audio through. Mostly taken advice from the few friend sources I have that have been into modular. Thank you very much for taking a look at the space I have available and for the tips.

On an unrelated note, do you have any experience with the Pittsburg double helix? It’s not something that I was looking for, but came across one from a friend that is quite a deal considering it’s selling price.

Again, thank you very much. It’s all a lot to take in and I appreciate your help and advice very very much


Maths is worth the wait, especially as a complex modulation source for the Rainmaker. Maybe poke around on eBay, or the FS listings here or on Muff Wiggler.

Yeah, the Double Helix is actually a good way to get into Buchla-esque territory. Like most complex VCOs, it's got a bunch of useful functions behind the panel, and ample points on front to mess with it. I also like the gate-like setup on the right side, where you can alter dynamics along with timbre via envelopes or just plain pulse signals.