Looking for a versatile dual filter. Both of these filters seem really cool in their own rights but limited demos of the Bionic Lester have not made this clear cut.

Would probably prefer the one that can accomplish most of these...
- Really nice acidic liquid sound
- Self oscillation and pinging for percussion
- ability to run both filters independently
- options for running both in series or parallel
- destruction and unconventional distortion
- format filtering(vocal vowel sounds)

Interested to hear what people's experiences with these are. What did you like/dislike about either?

Those aren't what I'd recommend for dual filters, frankly. Better choices can be found with Intellijel's Morgasmotron or Malekko's Euro version of the Wiard Dual Borg.

But at the same time, you can do most of what you've mentioned with any two separate VCFs. The functions you're describing are ones which the vast majority have patchpoints for, and you can make them behave as a duo with a few patchcords.

Lugia is correct and I have both the Bionic Lester and Dual Borg filters. Both are superb and can work like independent filters or in parallel modes. The Bionic Lester has a lot of preset options or you can customize them.