Playing with imaginary configurations to stuff into the new Waldorf kb37. Best I can tell, it has 107hp of rack space. The idea here is to have the basics, but also have some weird stuff. I just wanna take a small hit, not get addicted. :-) I'm infatuated with the Evolver's stereo filter config, so I thought having two filters and stereo VCAs would give me that option too. Plus the Modal filter has so many options. Sequencer, although simple, is covered with the Moog.

Waldorg kb37 has MIDI/CV and headphone output as well as rack and power. FX would be external: Strymon delay.

What am I missing? Any pro tips?

After buying the kb37 and stuffing with this stuff, it obviously gets pretty expensive. "Cheaper" option would be to use my Pro2 as the controller (very nice) - but the 107hp width would be odd, plus racks and power aren't exactly cheap.

I am planning to make the Kb37 my first project. There are a lot of other instruments in line for purchase before I build this euro. I decided to take it on because it isn't a whole lot to take control of. Its something I can use as a learning curve, considering you can call me a eurorack infant. Maybe only 4 months ago, a friend recommended it to me because of my various experimentation with basic hardware. I don't exactly have the best in Eurorack advise atm. Honestly, I'm feeling a tad disconcerted, after reading your feelings towards this racking. I was wondering if there was any way I could get your ideas(weather I may or may not being doing something wrong in configuring this device) on my configuration of the fartar t9 kb37?

ModularGrid Rack