What kind of midi to cv would be useful for when I want to send midi from my computer to my rack? I'd like to be able to use my rack with Ableton live. Of course I'll need an audio interface, (at least I think) to link the two. Any clues? I want to control my racks pitch info with Ableton Lives midi clips

Hi Nabroc. The Expert Sleepers ES-8 is an audio and CV interface that will do exactly what you are looking to do. Their larger ES-9 also functions as a standalone mixer with more channels. There are other (cheaper?) ways, but these are good modular options.
Have fun and good luck!

I think i like the Intellijel one more, just cause i could find a video on how to use it

also what does a resonator do?

It sort of mimics the physics of string or bell resonance. Like when you pluck a guitar string or hit a cymbal, the note rings out with overtones and resonates.

You can also push the resonator filters into near-oscillation with some of these, which lets you emulate resonant spaces...not just the resonances inherent in an instrument. Another fun thing: use a very short delay after the resonator's output...and CAREFULLY feed this back to the input. If the delay is short enough, it'll do "comb filtering", then you can "play" that with the resonator itself.

Clicked through to the newest rack and those are some nice additions @Nabroc. If you put this together let us know how it works out!

I'll definitely put it together and let you know. It's been a goal of mine this year to make a modular system so you'll definitely be hearing back from me 😁


As long as you don't exceed the DC rails' current potential, you can stick whatever you like in there. But second busboards are a bit much...

Instead, what I'd suggest is to use a flying bus cable that has the proper 16-pin connectors across the board, such as https://schneidersladen.de/en/eowave-flying-bus Just plug it into an open busboard connector, and there you are.

The only time you'll have too many modules is when you've exceeded the potential load of the P/S itself. If you've got a max capacity on your 12+ rail of, say, 1.2A, but your module complement only draws 750 mA, you're fine. But if you're beyond 3/4ths of the way to the rail's maximum current, then things will start to get a little tricky because you DON'T want to have a 1.2A supply dealing with an 1.2A load, and your inrush current at power-up can momentarily EXCEED the current capacity of the P/S and this can harm the supply. But since that's the only ACTIVE power component, and things like busboards and cables are passive, you only need to worry about the P/S load overall.

I've changed quite a few things up. Decided to go with 3 rows, each a separate Moog 104hp rack, that way I can focus on one rack at a time and gradually build and seperate modules into groups.
Row 1 are my essentials
Row 2 are my wants
Row 3 is to be determined