Instead of being responsible and doing some work this evening I decided to give the Acid Rain Chainsaw a workout, inspiration to @Exposure for posting a sweet jam this morning. Check it out below:

Immediate thoughts, the kick is a little weird in the mix, and maybe I start it off with too much craziness at the beginning (though I do dial it back later). Take two could be incoming... Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Hi Troux,

Oh yes, you got some really nice & fun sounds in that track :-)

Yes you are right, the kick doesn't really shine through, for me as a non-techno guy that's fine but I can imagine you want to have a clear kick coming through :-) Ducking the rest of the sounds a little, would that help to show the kick a bit clearer in the mix?

I love that transaction period just before & around 04:30, lovely sounds there!

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!! Where's my glow stick?
Sounds great. I sort of regret selling the Chainsaw, but I needed to fund a keyboard. I'm glad to hear it in action here.
Keep sharing the acid.

Farkas: Where's my glow stick?

LOLLLLLL @farkas, and yes @GarfieldModular I thought about ducking the kick but wasn't sure how that'd end up working out with the Mimeophon doing delays and decided I was too lazy. Maybe for round two...

Awwwww I'm disappointed. Here I was, expecting some sort of hybridization of Berlin School with the musical chainsaw craziness of Jackyl...

LOL... I forgot about Jackyl.

Hair metal acid? Why not?? 🤣

Really nice track troux! I'm enjoying it a lot, thanks for sharing!

Thanks @Exposure!

This is good :) Nice work :)

Thanks @wishbonebrewery, lots of room for improvement but I'm glad you enjoyed it!