Besides new modular sequencers, I am fixated on modular mixers and utilities the bread and butter of modular.

So far have enjoyed XAOC Devices Praga but need Hrad expander as well as Befaco Hexmixer/Hexvca combo and plan to add the expander module. WMD Performance mixer looks ace as well.

Utilities- like Mutable Instruments Shades with Kinks and Links, Erogeneous Tones Levit8, WMD 4ATTEN, Doepfer sequential switch

Logic: Intellijel Plog is fun. I also have WMD/SSF Toolbox that has lots of goodies in small HP sized module.

I'm 100% down with the idea of CVable performance mixers, actually. Not only does this give you a proper set of amplitude VCAs for the end of your patch's signal chain, you can automate a lot more with many of them...panning, AUX sends, and so forth. Plus, having CUE outputs to headphones is nothing short of a godsend; if your tuning goes spooey mid-set, just route the problem to the cue and fix it while everything else is going on, and the audience is none the wiser.

Case in point: for my B-day, my partner got me the HUGE TD Virgin Years box, with a bunch of unreleased stuff, and much of that is live. During the Royal Albert Hall set, someone's VCOs went bonkers...and while they were able to snap into a mode that allowed that to be corrected and sort of sound like it was part of the set, had they had something that had that CUE function, there would've been no need for that to wind up on the live master.

Among my mixers I really like the WORNG Soundstage and despite being ergonomically challenging the 2hp ones are super useful.
Regarding utilities i love Ladik Gatsby, Probability Skipper and Gate Delay. Also I just got a Twiigs because lately most of my patches involved my O_C with Hemispheres running the Brancher app on both sides.

One audio mixer that people often tend to overlook is Intellijel's Mixup. Nothing special really apart from the mute switches maybe, but an interesting choice for those rocking Intellijel cases: they can serve as output module as the small ribbon at the back can be used to connect Mixups together but also to the output jacks, removing the need for an output module. No headphone out, cue mix or VCA's are included here, so if you need that you're probably looking for a bigger mixer.

Great feedback everyone,

Yes, the Intellijel Mixup is superb small mixer and have that in my travel 6u Doepfer suitcase mobile rig. It came in handy recently when I was over a modular synth friend's place jamming with him and can mute/unmute and change levels quickly and easily. It pairs well with the Intellijel Quad VCA as well. I am a big fan of Intellijel stuff plus their support team is awesome, responsive and super friendly. I do want an Intellijel 7u case for a side add to mobile rig but they have been hard to come by over the past year.

Indeed now that I have multiple voices, many percussion modules and multiple reverb/delay modules, the aux sends and pans become even more critical for a modular setup. My next purchase will be the mixer add ons for Befaco and Praga to get the headphone cue outs and more aux sends as well as WMD Performance mixer. I have plenty of sound and modulation sources now just need more of these mixer support tools and that comparator window module hehe.

I love the Mixup and have two, one in an ambient rack and one in my 360HP case alongside a Manhattan Analog DTM. I tend to combine it with an ALM HPO. I've been thinking of getting a larger mixer for the 360HP case, but I can't quite seem to find the right one. VCA control doesn't really appeal to me, nor does pan control, and I really appreciate that the Mixup has both mono and stereo input channels for when I'm using stereo effects... and that it's small lol. I like the Mutant Hot Glue (inbuilt compressor is sweet) but it's only four channels and no stereo from what I can see. What I'd really love is a 6+ channel mixer in ~24HP, with multiple send and returns that are in stereo. Haven't found it yet so if anyone has any recommendations let me know!

@troux This may be worth a look for you.

OOOOOhhhhhh 👀

I am a big fan of Intellijel stuff plus their support team is awesome, responsive and super friendly.
-- sacguy71

That's almost an understatement, I think it's probably one of the best support team I've ever dealt with, modular or otherwise, they are extremely professional and effective, to the point that I prefer going through them directly instead of simply sending them back to the EU retailer I bought the broken module from, less delays and way friendlier staff

Agree @toodee- Intellijel rocks in every way. Clean functional module design, great functionality, awesome support team. I've been happy with my Intellijel modules like Mixup, Quadrax, Quad VCA and Tetrapad plus Plonk is great fun and the 1u modules work great.

@farkas- that looks awesome value for a 10 channel mixer! Have to look at it! I am using Praga now in my monster base case but need more than 4 channels so this could fill the gap.

Frap Tools 321 is such a simple, useful and beautiful thing

Scale + Flip + Shift + Combine