Some fun after work today

All the toys come out to play nice.

Thanks yeah the WMD percussion modules are super wicked fun! I love modular drums :-)
I need some snare, cowbell and taiko drum modules now.

Nice one @sacguy71

Thanks it was fun experimenting with my new Euclidian Circles v2 sequencer for WMD drum modules and getting some patterns with my other modules. Eventually I plan to get a Doepfer monster case to put on the base case and add some Frap Tools and Instruo modules and more drums of course to the mix. I am good on sequencers and will see what reviews show up when and if releases their Ground Control sequencer and see if future firmware updates resolve the issues with Erica Synths Black Sequencer. I'd love to add some more Erica Synths modules as well.

Hi Sacguy71,

Yeah, nice showcase of your modular setup! Ha, ha, you got the same problem as I have, not enough space for the racks. Like you I plan to get a new studio setup as well but I need a lot of time and work to put in there to be able to do so, so I am kind of dragging it...

Anyway, nice setup and thank you very much for sharing this, kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Thanks Garfield,

Hopefully if I can move into larger studio space this year then I can have more room to get a monster case for my base case and then will have lot more room. I'd love a Cwejman VCO and filter module along with Brenso, Sapel and Falistri, more percussion modules and of course another matrix mixer and support utilities.

Hopefully if I can move into larger studio space this year...
-- sacguy71

Of course you realize that "larger studio space" just means you've got an excuse to cram even MORE gear into the studio!


Right? It is an occam's razor situation. I don't want to really buy much more for a while until I master the basics for my current setup. I am digging into the Euclidian Circles v2, Eloquencer and Mimetic Digitalis sequencers which are tons of fun and working on learning to create beats and melodies with the Hertz Donut, Trident, and Angle Grinder as well as Loquelic Iteritas Percido which is a complete synth voice. It is simple to make crude buzzing noise but melodies are far trickier as these can get unruly quickly. Especially the Hertz Donut and Angle Grinder! Those are beasts and feed 100 Grit distortion can get wild fast.