What would you guys suggest to fill 15hp space left ?
I play this rack with Digitakt, Digitone and a reverb pedal ( Mercury 7 ). and mainly for making ambient music.


I would definitely look into more modulation sources and utilities. How about something like Ochd, Mixwitch, and Pico RND? Or maybe a uO_C and Disting MkIV if you don't mind menu-diving?

many thanks,
I use Digitakt + Shuttle Control for modulation sources; envelope, lfo, s&h and random etc.
uO_C is what I have recently been looking for cv quantized to create ambient melody but I am not quite sure about menu-driving. Is there any alternative module for this purpose ?

Well, the uO_C has analog shift register, chord sequencing, quantizing, envelopes, and more in a very small package so you would need to substitute a large range of modules to do what it does. The only problem is that it requires patience and is not so quick and easy to use. You really need to spend time getting to know it. For something more immediate, Marbles may be fun but much more limited.

Thank you so much.

If you do want to minimize menu diving but you're looking for melody I think a nice small step sequencer and a quantizer would go a long way here. You can already use the Pam's for random I think, and you could mix the sequencer, that random from Pam's, and let's say a long running modulated LFO, and then out that into your quantizer. If you got a dual quantizer it'd be even better.

So proposed additions:
Tirana MK2 + Tubbutec uTune
Tirana MK2 + Ladik Easy Quantizer + 2HP Tune + Joranalogue Add 2, lots of combination possibilities here.
Tirana MK2 + Disting mk4 + Ladik Easy Quantizer, in this configuration you could always use the Disting for other purposes if you don't need 2 distinct melodic lines.

If you got rid of the 2HP Mult that could also add a little more flexibility, and I also think it could be worth swapping out one of Morphogene, Clouds, and Magneto (maybe put one of em in a 4MS pod) which would open up a ton of room for more experimentation in your rack.

wow.. I definitely need to explore about modulation.
Forgot to mention that I also use Digitone + Shuttle Control to sequence my rack as well.

After browsed through your combinations, I think I will get Disting mk4 just for now as it has loads of tools in small hp and price.
So, I can use it with my current modules to learn more about modulation before expand my set up further.
What do you think ?


Sounds like a plan, a Disting would be a good and easy step.

Yes, Disting is one of the best bang-for-the-buck utilities in the modular world. It can do everything, though only one function at a time, to help you decide when you it's time to invest in a dedicated module to perform a specific function. I bought one early on as I was building my rack, and it helped me fill in what I was missing. Now I mainly use it as a tuner, but every now and then I will dial in one of the other algorithms.
Have fun and good luck.

very much appreciated for your advice. thanks to both of you.

I've got a rather different take on this. You're really lacking on ways to manipulate CV/mod signals here, so for 10 hp, I'd suggest a Tiptop MISO. Then, remove the 2 hp Mult to snag their spaces (build's too small for it anyway...use inline mults instead), and drop in a Noise Reap uLoaf, which is a dual LFO with some interesting interaction potentials between them. This leaves 1 hp, then...and I'd drop a 1 hp blank in between the Shuttle Control and the P/S module to get a little more space between the power and that other module...trying to avoid a little noise and crud getting into the audio path, basically.

You're really lacking on ways to manipulate CV/mod signals here, so for 10 hp, I'd suggest a Tiptop MISO.
-- Lugia

Hi Lugia,
Can you explain a bit more ? I am totally a newbie in eurorack. it would be grateful if you can give me instances of the patch ideas.
I usually experiment CV signals with Maths and quad VCA (fed in with some LFOs)...well, perhaps I misunderstood something.


Not really instances of patch ideas but there are some included in the articles, if memory serves:


Make a search on the page for "Learning Synthesis". Some of it will be things you know, but there will also be a lot of information that you can add to your mental toolbox. For example, I suspect https://www.perfectcircuit.com/signal/learning-synthesis-logic will help you.

If you have some cash, the Patch & Tweak book or one of Chris Meyer's lessons could go a long way as well.

Hope this helps,

Right, toodee...there's not exactly "patch examples" for something like the MISO, because it's such a CV/mod control workhorse, there's not really any "basic" way to use it. It's more of a "Swiss Army Knife" for those signals...and the best way to approach it is probably to look at it as a cross between a CV processor and a controller for the CV/mod levels/routings. In short, it's got a bazillion uses, and how the OP uses it probably will differ from how anyone else uses it.

Toodee... that’s very kind of you. It does really really help indeed !! I have already ordered the book as well. Thank you.

Hey, glad it could help ;)
I fully agree with Lugia by the way. Hard to be assertive about what YOU need because "ambient" can mean a lot of things and I don't know how you like to approach making music, so it's the point of view of a guy who's never patched your system or heard your music. You already have a lot of CV sources with the PNW, Maths and Shuttle Control, I personally feel that it can be enough for the size of your build, but having a CV manipulation toolbox of sorts would allow for more complex "generative ambient" patches. Something that allows your CV sources to interact, so your entire patch movement is an orchestra playing together rather than a bunch of lonely musicians each playing on their own, if that analogy makes sense...
Of course it's harder to get an idea of what your build lacks if you don't have patch ideas in your head. I believe the way to get there is by adding to that "mental toolbox" I referred to above. For me, it works by reading forum posts on here (I had a very interesting discussion about the modulation section of my build here if you want to have a look: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/posts/index/9395, also keep an eye on the Racks section), and pages similar to the ones I listed above. Then try the suggested things, that's the important step ! By actually doing it myself, either on my system or in VCV/Drambo, I get to HEAR what those theoretical concepts can sound like, and also which of those things work best for the sounds I want to make and the way I make music.
Here's another one I learned a lot from:
The Noise Engineering blog written by Markus Cancilla, a really nice guy whose extensive patching experience is generously dispensed through those pages. Some of it can be really "advanced" and will most likely lead you on other searches for more info, I guarantee it will spur new patching ideas in your head !
What also worked for me to get new ideas was forcing myself to try and use Disting MK4's algorithms I didn't know about when I started modular. What could I use a comparator for ? What's the craziest patch I can come up with using a quantizer ? I saw Divkid experimenting with self-patching modules, so what can I do in those lines (PNW is a nice candidate) ? Those sort of "training exercices" helped me to add things to the mental toolbox as techniques I think of "naturally" when building more "serious" patches later on, maybe that could work for you ? You can of course try the same thing in VCV with modules you wouldn't know what to do with.
Finally, a more obvious one: look at videos and forum posts about the modules you already own. You're bound to end up reading/hearing something you've not thought of, or simply forgot. I'm often guilty of the later, I can't believe I waited so long to use my XAOC Belgrad as a voice, silly me

Chiming in to say Cold Mac might be a nice fit here as well.

Toodee ...very very much appreciated !!!
and many thanks to all advices again !