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Hi everyone,

So I am looking at a lighter travel case that can fit new modules for future trips after covid ends. Looking at custom builds from Amalgamod and Nono modular

Thoughts? I love my MDLR 14u case but it weighs a lot!

Pittsburgh Modular suitcase racks are quite nice.

Look at Case From Lake in Italy :

Check this Erica...208 hp capacity, MONSTER power capacity, all-metal construction. I dig how Erica goes all out on their power, also...very beefy 2.5A on each 12V rail, split as 1.25A for upper and lower since they use these integrated P/S + busboards, which is another plus as you don't have to worry about DC wiring inside the cab coming loose in transit.

Hi Sacguy71,

What's against the Intellijel 7U 2*104 HP? Seems to be a pretty light case.

And indeed as already mentioned by Lugia, that Erica Synths case is certainly a good option too:

Kind regards, Garfield.

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Thank you everyone these are good choices for a travel flight modular case.

@Garfield- the problem is a supply shortage from Intellijel as they never have any cases in stock. Hopefully this ends after covid.

My goal is to put a fly rig together for after covid ends so when I visit Europe and Latin America, I can bring a portable modular rig and travel guitar setup to jam with musicians. It would be fun to visit the Befaco, Doepfer, and Erica Synths labs as well.

Well, if the original choice was one of Intellijel's portables, the Erica seems like the closest still get that "you-can-beat-the-hell-out-of-it" metal case, which if the objective is to safeguard the electronics inside, is definitely the right move.

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Thanks Lugia, I will keep this in mind since an Erica Synths case would fit my planned Erica mobile build goal. I do like the amalgamod and nono cases a lot of these have 300+HP of space in a small form format and are light. It would be great to put the two Erica Synths sequencers plus their modules and some more drum, utility and logic modules in it for crazy techno trance or ambient fun on the road. Probably won't buy until later this year. I've been having way too much fun dialing in my Angle Grinder and Hertz Donut with my Stillson Hammer/Metron as well as learning to create melodic songs on my Doepfer monster case with my Eloquencer sequencer.

I have an amalgamod case and can vouch for the quality of the case (all parts replaceable), the power supply (each header is filtered, and external transformer makes swapping plugs easy) and customer service (I bought mine second-hand with some issues, sorted out without issue or cost). 100% worth the money and I’d happy buy a second if needed, I’m a very happy customer.