For this patch, I took a complete different direction than usual. Instead of jamming a few good oscillators through filters and finding my way, I designed each individual sound to be a separate element of the track. Trident, DPO, and Plaits are modulated unclocked by DivKID ochd, so natural drift occurs beneath a clocked Mother 32 and DFAM. Additional space is created with Clouds and Mimeophon.

Nice, different but still very @mowse. I wish I knew the secret to your synth lines, always very human and with a lot of energy.

Hi Mowse,

Very intriguing track this is. I love the main line whilst a beautiful kind of dripping sound (is that the Plaits?) goes around with it too. On top of all that beautiful stuff, you know how to put down a sequence as well!

Lovely work, I don't mind if you try here and there to "drift away", at least this unexpected drift, is in my opinion, very successful! Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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