Normally, I'd not give this a second thought...but, oh, lookit what we have here: an eBay banner that's modular-centric! This is effing brilliant and, depending on ones' credit line, potentially irresponsible...but what the hey! Makes $$ for MG, AND entices us with shiny toys. Sounds like a WIN!

It will help to fund the new faster server we are getting tomorrow Thursday 03.02 , 11.00 CET :)
MG will be offline for couple of hours though..

Few hours downtime of this fantastic website? Wow, I don't know if I will survive that, I think I better have this checked with my doctor to see if my heart can take this. Imagine a few hours less hyper space travelling possible in my life...


Good luck with the migration from the old to the new server, hopefully no issues when you move the database! Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Some users didn't like the ads and I understand that.
Unicorns now have the option to hide the ads.
Find it in the user settings.

There are wigglers who don't have a Unicorn account?

First thing I advise anyone serious about modular synths to do... so much good value, it terrifies me to think it may not live to see another day because people didn't support it enough! It's only a few bucks, there's no excuse really! I haven't worked since March last year, nearly a whole year (argh... argh... argh!!!) but I still managed to find enough to cover the subs for this year!

Thank you for all your efforts, I don't like ads, but the ones here seem to be fine ;)

I am taking commissions for synth builds. UK ONLY for now. DM for details :)

You can find my modular synth album here - enjoy!