Lots of fun with this one.

5String -> FX Aid - Bat Verb
BIA - Kick and some percs
Ataraxic, maths, belgrad,FX-Aid, Bat Verb
Lubadh - Overdubs, and FX
Cleb Diaz - modulation
Black Box - Some Perc, pad sample
Typhon - Some bass duties, and FX
U-He Zebra - Pad -> FX-Aid Lo-fi Junky - Bat Verb

Hi Mog00,

Oh this is lovely music, could easily listen to an entire album of this kind of music. Nice relaxed, finishing off the day and then I am good to go for another day :-)

Nice work this, thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks @GarfieldModular, I am working on several more. I also grabbed an a cappella sample to try my hand at a vocal track. I will get this out in the next few days always love your feedback.