Hi guys, just uploaded a new jam today! some melodic techno this time, and all of it without a single filter in my system yet!

I've been waiting for the CV OCD to get here to use the launchpad mk3 as a controller/sequencer... this time I only used it as a grid keyboard to play the main melody, a nice touch was using the envelope which controls the tsl wavefolder, to also open the damping on rangoon, so whenever the melody plays the bassline "swells" along with it... anyway.. hope you guys enjoy it! if you do please subscribe in YT, I'm plannin on uploading regularly...

Patch notes:
Instruo Ts-l + Eowave titan as melody
Calsynth Rangoon as main bassline
Erica Pico Drums as kickdrum
Dreadbox Splash as reverb
Mutable Instruments Stages as envelope generator and LFO
Doboz XIIO as arpeggiator and note controller.
Robaux LL8 as gate sequencer
Super Vcas as vca.
Synthrotek MIXIV as mixer
Music Thing Startup as mixer and clock generator.
Novation Launchpad mk3 + CV OCD as controller

Hi Brunomolteni,

He, he, I like your tracks, always full loaded with energy and you always have here and there something in for a surprise! :-)

Your camera view is fun, looks like you nailed your modular against the wall ;-)

Well at least you nailed it here with this track, thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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