First attempt at a vocal track, a cappella downloaded from Splice, chopped, overdubs, FX through the modular.

All the usual suspects.

BIA: kick, and some perc
FX-Aid - copius use, effects, resampling, overdubbing
Bat-Verb - copius use, effects, resampling, vox
Dixie II+ - Some bass duties, With Instruo I-o47 Filter, Maths envelopes, Bat Verb, FH-2
Blackbox -sampling, resampling
Pyramid - Drum Sequencing
U-He - Zebra Pad
Studio-One Arranging and mixing

Hi Mog00,

Wow that's fantastic! Great music, fantastic voice and to me it sounds like a great mix too! Studio-One... are you using a Presonus - StudioLive digital mixer? I am considering one, please let me know your experiences with it, I would much appreciate that!

Beside the great modular music you are able to pull off here, you got a fantastic voice as well, I am so jealous :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and I hope to hear more from your fantastic tracks! Kind regards, Garfield.

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I wish that was my voice, I downloaded the vocal a capella and arranged and mixed it (added delay and reverb from the modular and resampled it in places)

I don't have a studio one digital mixer, I picked up a Tascam Model 24, I love the ability to route individual tracks in and out of the DAW for multi-track recording and overdubbing. I can route samples being triggered from the blackbox into the DAW for recording and out to the modular for FX, overdubs etc.

Hi Mog00,

Ah, I was wondering already, a multi-talented modular & vocalist ;-) So modular expert yes, but using "creative ways" to handle the vocals ;-) Fair enough, still sounds very good! :-)

Before I was looking into digital mixers, I also considered the Tascam Model 24. Your mix sounds very good with it :-)

Thank you very much for the details and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Although that's not really the Style of Music I listen to, that's a really professional Production you did here!

Very well made!! And when I think a bit longer....I've never heard that kind of Music on a Modular System before.


Thanks, I use a very hybrid system as I have gathered a lot of different noise makers and enjoy using them all. The modular is full of sound designs that I would never find using a VST (its not that they can't be found, I just prefer the more hands on approach and satisfaction the modular provides), and at the same time my modular is not big enough (yet) to get a lush 7 voice chord stack.

I often will take the bounced audio from a VST and then resample it through the modular system because I like the hands on control I get rather than messing around with drawing automation lines in the DAW, and I simply love the sounds of the analog filters and effects I have in my modular rig.

I am hoping to expand the modular in a few months as I continue to push my understanding and capabilities of my rig, I am also on the look-out for a great poly-synth and analog drums.