Thought I'd reverse my usual and post a quick outtake. This is a really nice mixer, it lets you play with space intuitively/easily and makes good room for different voices. Check it out:

Made with:

ModularGrid Rack

It certainly feels spacey and airy.

Oh, wow. In addition to your excellent composition as always, the EQ, separation, and use of the stereo field are outstanding.
I have been eyeing both the Worng Soundstage for a while, and the new ALM variant. May have to make room in the rack.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @farkas, it's new in my rack but definitely impressing so far. I think I might get a Jumble Henge for one of my smaller racks too.

Took another crack at this patch, I think it needs a third voice, or a little different development, but sound wise it's pretty nice... Serge rules.

Hi Steve,

Oh that's a nice "playful" track. Nice to listen at, gives a positive feeling, I like that!

One little thingy... where are the other 14 minutes? 17+ minutes...? ;-)

Nice little jam, I hope this leads to more? Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

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I love my Soundstage and use it in just about every patch. This week, I added the Vector Space and am already really into it, so much that today I ordered the LRMSMSLR. WORNG Electronics rates in my top five faves.

I got an LRMSMSLR too @mowse and it's pretty sick. Agreed on WORNG, they're doing really interesting stuff.