Hello, after careful consideration I’ve decided to take a dip into the fascinating modular world. I’ve been watching the State Azure channel on Youtube since I’m into ambient myself as Sonmi451. So I've purchased a Pico Case with an Instruo Arbhar, a Make Noise Morphagene and a Happy Nerding FX Aid. But now I'm stuck... Can someone please explain what cable to use in order to get a sample out of the stereo out laptop or AC out of my Focusrite One into the Arbhar input? Same question for the Morphagene input. I have some mono patch cables but I’m in a bit of a conundrum on the switch/difference between AC and VC. I have a little Behringer USB mixer: how do I output the modules out’s to the inputs of the mixer? I’ve seen 3,5 to 6,3 patch cables: can I use these to lead the signal to the Behringer? For the moment, the Behringer is the only mixer I’ve got, the Focusrite One only has a guitar input which I use for my Mother32. I've searched and searched but I can't find a clear answer on the internet. Any advice highly appreciated !

To Sample from a Laptop Out or a Phone or iPod i use the Erica Synth Pico Input. You can go directly from your Laptop or Phone Headphone Out with a 3.5mm Stereo Cable to the Pico. From the Pico you can go with two Standard Patchcables into the Morphagene or Arbhar (but its just Mono In)

With the Pico Input you can also Boost the incoming Signal.

I dont know for Arbhar but Morphagen can handle signals from modular and from your sound card output.

Page 38 : The Auto-level procedure has been replaced with an improved input gain staging, accessed with a 4-step gain selection (blue-green-orange-purple). To use, Hold Record, and Press Shift to step through the gain settings: Blue, low -3db, Green, modular level, Orange medium +6db, Purple high +12db.