I just received two of these that I ordered less than 10 days ago. I can’t believe they made it from France to New York City so quickly. The kits came packaged very professionally and the components seem top-notch. Now I just have to get a case to put my two neutrons and two model Ds into.
The only soldering that I see you have to do is to install the additional midi through 1/8th inch jack. This requires on soldering the five pin MIDI header on the PCB and soldering in three wires; the kit provides a new MIDI header if you want to reverse things back to the original state. (You can probably even omit this step if you don’t need MIDI). Otherwise everything seems to be mechanical in nature to install this.
If the original back panel wasn’t so long, I would’ve liked to have been able to use a 1U to 3U adapter, but that’s no fault of this product. The price is very reasonable, and like I said the shipping was amazingly fast. My only gripe is there was no installation manual in the box, but once I figured out what the link was it seems pretty straightforward.


One of my happier purchases - Thanks Christian!

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