Hi, I wonder if it's possible to have separate rows within the same rack page.
The thing is I've got a spare 12U rack lying about and my plan is to get four Behringer Eurorack racks, and these come with a 1000 mA power supply each. So it would be convenient to be able to make a rack on here with four rows, but calculate the power consumption separately for each.
Is there any way around this, other than make four separate 1-row racks?
Sorry if it's a dumb question... I don't know my way around this site yet.

it's already available - go to the datasheet view and scroll to the bottom (if you have to) and you will see power consumptinoo by row

remember to leave at least 20-30% headroom

but, why would you use psus with rack warts, especially 4 of them - this will cost you 16hp in rack space and use 4 wall warts and flying busboards

you can probably find a much better solution for all 4 rows for not that much more money

Thanks Jim, that's exactly what I was looking for.
As for the rack solution, it was a matter of using that spare 12U I already have. I'm just thinking long term. I'm not planning to stock it all up with modules anytime soon.
The multiple warts and extra HPs really don't bother me. I use multi-ways for everything. And I find it's a fair trade-off to avoid the ridiculously overpriced cases out there. After some research at Thomann, I found it to be the best solution for me, considering not only price per hp, but space distribution in my studio.

whatever works for you! good that you are going slowly and not just getting 12u straight off though!

yeah cases can get pretty expensive - it's easy to forget that they are very niche products - not mass manufactured - so a lot of economies of scale that you would expect in other areas, just aren't there - plus most of the manufacturers are in the 1st world - so labour is comparatively expensive - same for modules to a large extent too

I tend to just buy rails and DIY power and some wood, but I have bought a couple of cases

I think the Mantis and LC9 are the best value built cases by a long way - Mantis if you have more power hungry modules, the doepfer if you don't (the PSU3 is a bit underpowered for the 9u - great in the 6u though)