The usual suspects.
Pyramid running clock - drums
Blackbox - Drum/samples/resampling
Belgrad - beginning sample blackbox sample running through modular, Maths providing the envelopes, Belgrad adding well you hear it.
Dixie, Mimetic Sequencing,Clep Diaz modulation, CVilization step sequencer, Disting Mk4 quantizer, FM by I-o47, Belgrad on Filter, U-He delay, Bat-Verb, Maths on envelope duty, Quad VCA,
U-He Zebra on strings
FX-Aid on delay (sprinkles)
Bat-Verb on Bat-Verb (for various effects)
Studio One 4 - Mix
Tascam Model 24 I/O

Hi Mog00,

Ha, ha, I like the beginning of the track, those kind of, as I call it, anti-rhythms are nicely done! :-)

Kind of nice mellow jam, yeah, I like it, I wouldn't mind to hear more of this sort of music. Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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