Hi all,

Today I have been back working with my small 64hp system.

If you have a moment to take a listen, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
Here is this mornings jam for Feb 21st 2021:

In short, I have everything coming from the little system other than: 1) a delay and 2) one reverb only used on the kick drum in parts. What I'm using is a 1010 BlueBox to manage all of the send effects and individual sounds coming from the setup.

Overall, I am working to have a few different parts in the song so that I can have some changes in the kick drum, , hats, and other parts. So far I like what is starting to emerge from the little system.

Again, any/all feedback is greatly appreciated.

May you have a great rest of your day!

I'm ready to hit the dancefloor, post-vaccine of course @EroGumby, thanks for sharing this. Lively throughout and I especially like the last minute or so, the pads or drone coming in around 5:50... real nice.

Thank you for the feedback, i'll check out your tunes on bandcamp as well!

Here is my evening jam with almost the same patch setup

If you want to understand how I patched it, check this out it has other notes as well:


Hi all,

I did a second evening jam for Feb 21st 2021:

I was working on seeing if I could keep the jam going a little longer along with seeing if I could change things up a bit better.
It was a fun jam, but I lost it about a little over 12 minutes in, so I trimmed the audio file with a fade and called it good enough for tonight.

I hope you all enjoy, and please feel free to leave any/all comments - they are greatly appreciated.

Lately I'm enjoying building small systems in my old single row case and your setup looks like a lot of fun. I can't listen right now as I'm at work but I'll do it as soon as I can.

Hi all,

I decided to see if I could just do a longer jam today as it is something i'm trying to achieve.
There are some good parts, and parts to improve, but all up - I wanted to do a longer jam and share it:

Any/all feedback is welcome!

Listening now. Great work, Brett. Your melodic transitions and layering are really fun to listen to.
Keep sharing!

Thank you for the feedback, greatly appreciated!

Hi all,
It's been a crazy day of just jamming away and making some music.
Here is the latest:

Things I want to work on:
1) better transitions (had a few early ones that were not as good as i'd like)
2) smoother in/out with the drums/hats
3) leaving more space in the lower energy parts

Any all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Very nice @EroGumby, the flow is great here and each "piece" seems to last just the right amount of time. Well done!

Thank you for the feedback.