Hi everyone, greetings from Bristol, UK.

I've just bought a 'Behringer Eurorack go', it comes with a power supply. All I know about Modular synthesis comes from watching 'I dream of wires' twice. So nothing. I have a Neutron, but that's it atm.
From there can I buy any Eurorack modules(will they be compatible ?). I have no plan, apart from to make as much noise as I can.
Does anyone have a Neutron in their rack and what modules work well with it ?. I have many kids, so will be building slowly, but would like to get a couple of extra modules now.

Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.


good idea to get a big case - they are a lot more economical in the long term than the beauty cases so many people misguidedly seem to want to start with

yes the go case should be compatible with any eurorack module

you do however need to keep an eye on cumulative power draw - find the total power draw for your proposed modules by putting them in a rack here - mostly the power stats are ok

the draw should be at most 70-80% of the available power for each rail from thee pus- check this with in the manual for the case or online

this allows for incorrect stats and onrush issues - where some digital modules need much more power than advertised during their boot phase - but may not eliminate them altogether

as for first modules

Maths - it will add more modulation and envelop generation to the neutron and is an excellent learning tool for modular in general - see the illustrated manual, available online - 32 illustrated examples of patch programming it to do different useful functions in modular

a vco and filter - I like Doepfer or mutable instruments for these but if you want noisy then you may prefer Noise Engineering and Schlappi - pretty much anything can get noisy if you want it to!

a quad cascading vca - I specifically recommend veils for this role - especially if you want access to gain - also useful for modulation sources, external input and mixing

don't forget patch cables, maybe a good idea to pick up a few stackcables or headphone splitters for multing signals

Thanks very much.
I'll have a look at the suggestions.

Also, don't stick the Neutron in the Eurorack cab. This is a VERY common build error, with the end result being that you're using your expensive Eurorack hp and power for a device that already has a cab and power. Keep the Eurorack cab for Eurorack modules only.

Otherwise, yes...if it's Eurorack-format, it'll go in any Eurorack-format case. Like Jim said, though, be VERY careful about your current draws, and try and keep these to at least 3/4ths of the total amperage capacity of the case's P/S. DON'T run the current values up to the case's limit, as many modules have an inrush current for a fraction of a second on power-up that exceeds the rated current draw for that module. I'd suggest a value even lower, perhaps 2/3rds of the cab's capacity at max...also, this helps your P/S live longer, as a "loafing" P/S tends to generate less component heat, and that heat is the enemy of ALL electronic components over time.

thanks very much, I will keep that in mind.

I've just bought Make Noise- Maths. Which it seems, so has everyone else on here and was pleased to find it in a shop in Bristol.
Is there anything I should avoid buying, which is similar to Maths or wouldn't compliment it ?.

Not when pairing stuff with Maths. That module is a modulation Swiss Army Knife...does everything, works anywhere with anything. It's truly one of the most important and useful modules to have come along in ANY format.

I've just read that a sequencer is essential. I am guessing that using the sequencer on my midi controller will work when plugged into the Neutrons Midi in port?.