Not really a unit for making sound on it's own but more like "experimental toolbox" to use with with VCV Rack and 8in/8out DC coupled interface ESI ESP1010.
As well as to use with semi-modular Behringers. Neutron, Crave and some TD-3, although most of it should stay on "classic MIDI" with Novation Bassstation II.
And most importantly having fun and figuring out what I need.


I got 88hp rubadub case with Bastl Cinnamon in early 2020 and another very cheap already built total DIY project by cool Slovakian Architect. It's power supply with 6U ~78HP case built on merkur skeleton (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merkur_(toy)) and wooden box.

Then covid hit, had to move, unexpected loss of income for few months, but 6 months later I finally saved for some gear and started getting DIY kits.
I also decided to spend on tiptop uzeus power supply to keep everything tidy in 88hp rubadub and avoid it's imperfect PSU (loud tiny fan on voltage regulator).
Built Sonic Potions Mal-2 random generator and Bastl Tromsø, the multi VCO/Comparator/Sample&Hold/Analogue downsampler.
3 modules were fine, but I decided to invest more and build more.


So I opened shop again and as I plan to build Lyra-8 I wanted to source parts for other modules. Noise Kitchen (Bastl's shop) sells PCB+panels and they provide enough info about parts or supply programmed chips.

Also started snooping on second sales and started getting some bellow 100 eur modules I found interesting or rare (Bastl's wooden pannels for example, new aluminum is fine and thin, but the wood is what I recall I had my mind blown from.

Current status:

Sorting orders regarding parts for Quattro Figaro, Popcorn + Exts and Sense, which I am most excited to use with some real world sensors probably helping via OMSynth (breadboard with utility PCB) or even Bastl Kastle.


I installed big piece of wood as a blank probably 60HP wide and hoped to be sane and get only what I think I would really use and fill up the case after a year soonest.
But two weeks later and now it's full case.

I got the 84hp rails from tiptop's happy-ending kit and I'll probably put it on in ideally 7u aluminum toolbox for hopefully some future easy transportation, will see.
There is still merkur box to "park" extra modules to.