At the slim chance that any one ever reads this, the point of this case has always been for quick and improv sessions.
The actual 'rack' is a mantis case plus a makenoise skiff, nicely the same size.
The skiff has been nice for the portability, but I've often wanted what was in the mantis case with me with the exception of the Eloquencer. So, until I have a 4 row case built, this is what I have to work with and the reasoning behind the re-adjusting that constantly goes on.

I'm pretty sure that if you put the M32 back in the case it belongs in, you'll start to get a much better picture of how the cab is supposed to be set up. For one thing, you'll be able to jam a lot of the skiff modules into the Mantis, and you can easily cook up a gig bag that can accommodate both the M32 and Mantis. It'll also make what can be done with the Eloquencer a lot more obvious by having more modules for it to act on in close proximity.

I hear that. The Mother takes up a lot room but I enjoy it racked sentimentally and for traveling patched up. This rig used to travel quite a bit, so with that slowed down putting the M32 back in the case would open up some room:)
I appreciate a fresh perspective!