I'm noticing when browsing modules to add to my rack, I will scroll back up to my rack to find several modules have disappeared. I have shortcut keys turned off. This happens to me frequently on IE, so I've been maintaining backup copies of my racks. Is this a known bug?

what happens when you refresh the page after this happens?

I think I've had the same thing happen and refreshing hte page generally fixes the issue for me

Yeah, it's a glitch. Some browsers don't exactly "speak" what MG gives them to work with, so you get glitches like that. It seems like Firefox (Mozilla) based browsers have this the worst...but as Jim notes, just refresh the page, and everything should snap back to where it belongs.

And if it doesn't, consider this: did I add a module on my case that was a recent addition? If so, a kind and diligent moderator might have cleaned up the mess of people uploading duplicates because they didn't bother searching before uploading a new module. :) So if refreshing still doesn't make a module appear, look for the original module that was supposed to be there.

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