This turned out kinda ok, bit of a boring bass line though.

I'm basically just playing around with the Patching Panda Hatz kit I soldered the other day.

I know that feeling @wishbonebrewery when you've got something that sounds good, but want it to sound just a little bit better... That said I think this is pretty dang good, Hatz sound great and I'd love to know what you're using for your sequencer here. Keep em coming!

Thanks, I'm sure i can do better :)

Percussion sequencing from Roboux LL8 and Euclidean from DNi Pro DOT, one out on the LL8 also pings a filter with some noise going into it, then the bass line comes from the 2hp Turing machine via 2hp Tune.

Sweet! I forgot to mention the artwork is great too.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh lovely track! For me the bass is okay, perhaps it could be a slightly touch more present but the way it is now will do for me too. By having the bass not too present, makes this a very lovely subtle track and the listener is more attracted to the other sounds you have to offer here!

I love that kind of ping-pong sound, nicely done! Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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