I'm looking for some advice to expand my modular. Currently this is my eurorack.
ModularGrid Rack
I'm probably going to buy a second Intellijel 7U 104 HP case soon.
What I know is that I'd like to add a sampler (especially for drums but I would probably use it to sample something else as well).
I'm always been attracted by the assimil8or but I'm still undecided.
I'm probably going to add at least another oscillator, I've seen some demos of the Ensemble Oscillator by 4ms and I really like the kind of sounds it can produce.
However what interests me most is what other kind of modules could be most useful to me?
I know i will probably have to change mixer or add another one, maybe add a filter, ecc. but I'm still not an expert in all the other kind of modules (utilities for example) that could improve my modular.
I'm into dreamy/psychedelic sounds so this is the kind of music I'd like to do with it.
Oh, and the absence of ADSR is intentional, I have one, but I hardly ever used it.

Frap Tools 321 would be a nice addition. I also pretty much always recommend Zadar

You don't have room for it but looking at your rack the first thing that comes to mind for me is an Akemie's Castle. Beautiful beautiful module that's very different from analog oscillators but really hits the dreamy vibe you've mentioned, as well as some more experimental sounds. One of my favs.

I'd go for a small matrix mixer and kinks
or just get the new case - in preparation for the assimilator
then buy utilities...

Thanks, obviously I'm asking for advice considering the space available with a new case not just the remaining hp on this one.

in that case - a large matrix mixer (doepfer or nlc), kinks and another quad cascading vca would be a good start + the sampler and ensemble oscillator - maybe an fx aid xl

no adsr is fine - but maybe you could consider stages - lots of envelope possibilities and a few other useful functions!

Thanks everyone for the tips, I'll take a look at these modules. I think with the latest firmware the nerdseq can generate complex envelopes and the two sample tracks can act as oscillators too.
I was also thinking about the various ways to trigger the sampler, I could buy the 16 triggers expander for the nerdseq but I also wanted to hear some opinions about alternatives that require less drum programming (I like programming drums but I 'm curious about using other methods as well).

look at logic modules, clock dividers and trigger combiners (switched multiples are also good for this!) then and/or things like grids and numeric/zularic repetitor

Also, a comparator or two could be useful for screwing around with timing. You can use them to extract gates from modulation signals...say you've got the comparator threshold at around +2V, and there's a slow LFO being fed to it. When the LFO's output exceeds that threshold, the comparator will fire off a gate, and the gate stays on as long as the incoming modulation signal stays above that. Combined with some Boolean logic, these are great (and simple!) ways to add some additional conditional logic behavior to the fray.

Thanks, I'll take a look at some modules with these features and the others you have recommended.

I always forget about comparators - I think the only ones I have are in the doepfer instrument interface and in disting...

I tend to use the doepfer - but i'm going to go and have a look what else is available

The Serge NCOM is pretty nice @JimHowell1970

The Joranalogue Compare 2 is on my list.

The Serge NCOM is pretty nice @JimHowell1970
-- troux

hmm yes I know - looks great - as does the Joranalogue - but as I already have 2 available - they either would be a long way down the list - I'd probably go for the ncom of the 2 though

addendum - I was just flicking through the maths illlustrated manual - I'd forgotten that you can patch maths as a comparator - so I've got at least 3 then...