Might interest some of you:


Thats certainly interesting, great price for a simple case and something that is lacking in the world of Eurorack.

Hmmm...reminds me of the sort of thing Teenage Engineering did with their semi-modular cabs, although in THIS case you wind up with something useful. I do wish it had more depth, though...50 mm is good, something more like 60 mm would be better so that it'll fit a few depth "outliers".

50mm is good if you have a flying bus board. But don't even think about getting one of the proper (small) boards inside this. The Befaco skiff is also 5cm deep but the backside of the case doubles as bus board. This takes away 1cm at every position of the 14 power connectors on the board

Not sure how low cost it really is with added power, but I like the looks. Could this be also made from other material other than aluminium?

The case is pedged for 74 $. With a cheap flyingbus PSU you would end up below 180$. which i think is quite low cost.


Could this be also made from other material other than aluminium?
-- zuggamasta

I dunno...I like the metal enclosure. One nice thing about them is that they provide some shielding to keep other sorts of electronic crud from getting into the modular from the backside (where there's plenty of unshielded wires, interference-susceptible bits, etc). Just add a ground wire to the cab(s) and run that to your studio's main star-grounding point.