Finished my first rig only last week after a couple of years so I used OBS and Openshot editor to make a little demo.

Basically I'm just noodling around with some random, incoherent patching but I enjoy the hell out of wrestling the noise with my filters.
It took a few years but all in all I'm delighted with my set-up being capable of switching from those sharp, harsh frequencies to slow and foreboding soundscapes in a moment and the depth of it. Especially happy with my ADDAC Power Starvation for some spastic fun.

Ideas for my next case are a Plague Bearer (obligatory but haven't found any for sale in Europe), Jupiter Storm and Hadron Collider, a MI Clouds for an extra layer of FX and a Vector Space for added control and complexity. Any suggestions are welcome though.

Keep an eye out for the X1L3 Shard or Schlappi Engineering Interstellar Radio!

Another useful noise-style maker: Moffenzeef. Much of their stuff is percussion-type modules, but there's a few "wild cards" in there that buck that trend, plus their "abuse potential" overall is pretty high.

Heck yeah 🤘🤘 we could use more noise around these parts... and actually I've been thinking about building a noise rack myself 🤔🤔 Hope we hear more from you!

Have a look to this one:

A dual Jupiter storm.
Beast tek dirty glitch vco is greeeeat.
As said Farkas X1L3 shard is really good.
NLC Brain Custard gives good result.

Hi TeenageLarvae,

I tried to send you below message yesterday already but for quite some time Modulargrid was not reachable. Trying again now:

Wow, I think this is the most noisiest track I have heard so far here on Modulargrid ;-) Great noise stuff you got there! I guess for you a Wogglebug (from Make Noise) is peanuts and from your point of view most probably the Wogglebug isn't noisy enough, though I experience it as a difficult module to tame! :-)

Would be nice to see in a possible next video more details of your modules, looks like you got a few interesting ones in your rack! Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

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