systasis001 - Limited Cassette Edition - tracks recorded live on a small modular system. Each packaged with original artwork. I hope that you enjoy!

Wow! Sounds great.

Thanks, pleased that you like it!

Hi Systasis,

You got some lovely bits and bites there in that sample track. I specifically like the part that starts around 02:20+, really interesting!

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

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Hey GarfieldModular! Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated :)

Nice work :) thats quite a mix.

Sounds great! Not having a tape deck any more, is this going to be available on more modern formats? Like CD? :)

Also :

tracks recorded live on a small modular system.
-- systasis

Just trolling!

@the-erc N0 plans for a CD at the moment but I'll make it available digitally when the last few cassettes are gone. I guess using size as an adjective for a rack isn't the best as it's all relative! I was comparing to some of the impressively big racks that I see here and other places :)

Oh I wasn't trolling you @syntasis! Your rack is certainly very small by the standards of the MG faithful.