Controlling: Triggers from Roland TR-09, Clocks into 2hp Euclid into 2hp Turning machine into 2hp Tune, Roboux LL8 & DNi Pro DOT.
VCOs: Befaco EvenVCO, Sine split off through Dannysound Timbre
VCFs: #Omsonic​​ Funky Ladder Filter & Happy Nerding HNVCF
Percussion: ADDAC103 & Patching Panda Hatz & Roland TR-09's hats
Effects: Monsoon Clouds Reverb & 2hp Verb & Erica Pico DSP
Modulation: ALM Pip Slope, WMD/SSF ADSRVCA, Divkid Instruo Ochd, Noise Engineering Clep Diaz for clocked LFOs.

Live recorded in 1-take after a few practices cos I always screw up my levels!
Cheers for listening :)

Very groovy @wishbonebrewery, I wanna hear the whole album.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh my goodness, what a music! This is seriously beautifully done, nice long track. I totally agree here with Troux that it would be nice to hear an entire album, double CD or double record please, instead of a good 9 minutes it should be over 90 minutes! Are you the new Tangerine Dream? ;-)

I love the picture of your rack with those cables too :-)

This is enjoyment pure! You made my weekend start fantastically, thank you very much for that :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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Beautiful. Well done @wishbonebrewery.

Thanks a lot guys :) You are all way too kind!

Yes, this is superb!

Digging this very much.

Nice work! Love it when the claps come in towards the end.

Thanks guys :)
I plan to add a Prok Clap module to my rack at some point, but then Claps and extra hats come from the Roland TR-09.
I prefer a Clap over a Snare.