It would be cool to also have the option (jumper on the back maybe?) for the outputs to be normalized to the next allowing for manual playing of multiple modulation sources (LFO at different subdivisions, etc) on-off to be fed to one destination, etc.

Just a suggestion. :)

Great ideas! Thank you for sharing.

There is an expansion port on the back to add more features. There will be at least one expansion in the future. Can't make any promises on what the features will be at this point.

The module does normalize inputs to their ascending outputs. For example, if you plugged a signal into input 1, that signal would be copied to all of the outputs 1-9. If you then plugged another signal into input 3, input 1 would be copied to outputs 1-2, and input 3 would be copied to outputs 3-9.

The module does not sum all inputs to one output. That is a function I am looking into for the expansion. You could use a summing mixer to accomplish this.