Sunday March 7 - OK OK I know this is a cliche, but I just wanted to do it... At about 8:15 this morning I dropped my Zoom H4N out in my backyard and recorded the many birds that hang out in my garden. I then sat at my modular rig, made this patch and hit record. I bring in voices and modulation progressively to the midway point then dial them back again. I probably heard about 15-20 different kinds of birds while it was recording, and had a few close fly-bys so you will hear wings flapping. This recording is about as raw as it gets - I didn't really edit anything - I just added some shimmer verb to the birds - that's it.

Updated with new version of the recording. It is exactly the same patch, but I made a lot of subtle changes.

Modular Ambient with Birds, March 7, 2021 Patch Notes

Master Clock from PNW

Voice 1 Routing
• Keystep Sequence Pitch Out into Erica Black VCO 2 1v/Oct
• Saw out into QPAS Left
• Pulse out into QPAS Right
• QPAS LPF Left and Right into Quad VCA
• Envelopes from Quadrax
• Envelope Trig from PNW Euclidean trig
• Quad VCA into Mixer
• Mixer channels panned hard left and right
• Mixer into Mimeophon
• Mimeophon to Main Outs

Voice 1 Modulation:
• VCO internal modulation LFO on both saw and pulse
• PNW LFO into QPAS Frequency
• PNW LFO into QPAS Radiate Left
• Maths Ch 1 Unity Out into QPAS Resonance
• Quadrax LFO into QPAS Radiate Right

Voice 2 Routing
• PNW Euclidean trig into M32 Tempo CV in
• Mother 32 Sequencer to internal saw wave
• M32 VCO Pulse out into External input
• Mix at 50% but modulated
• M32 VCA Out into Mixer
• Mixer to Mimeophon
• Mimeophon to Main Outs

Voice 2 Modulation:
• M32 Internal LFO triangle on PWM and Cutoff
• PNW LFO into M32 VCF Cutoff
• PNW LFO into M32 LFO Rate
• PNW LFO into M32 Mix CV
• Maths Ch 1 into VCF Resonance
• Maths Ch 4 Unity Out into Mixer Pan CV in

Voice 3 Routing
• Plaits Wavetable tuned up a 4th
• Plaits into Ripples
• Ripples Bandpass Out into Quad VCA 3
• Ripples Lowpass Out into Quad VCA 4
• Envelopes from Quadrax
• PNW Euclidean trig into Quadrax CV in
• Quad VCA into Mixer
• Mixer into Mimeophon
• Mimeophon to Main Outs

Voice 3 Modulation:
• PNW LFO into Plaits Timbre
• PNW LFO into Plaits Morph
• PNW LFO into Ripples Frequency
• PNW LFO into Mixer Pan CV in x2

Mimeophon Tempo sync from PNW

Hi TumeniKnobs,

Hoooo-ooooh, that's a nice relaxed track and this touch with the birds is just lovely. It's already Sunday and the end of the weekend, asking the sandman soon to fill up my eyes, your track definitely will help me in a beautiful closure of this fantastic weekend, thanks to you! :-)

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield. Check out the new updated version of the recording. I thought the first version was a bit too high pitched, so I did a few more performance recordings of the very same patch, but with a lot of subtle differences including dropping an octave on the Mother 32, reducing the resonance on the QPAS, reducing the Maths controlled warble on the Mother 32, reduction of the level and repeats on the Mimeophon. Then I layered the multiple takes and have them slowly fading in and out over one main take. So in this version we have one main modular take, and two additional takes layered on top, and of course the birds. I pushed the birds up in the mix so you can now hear more of what they were doing. There's a lot more audible in this version. BTW - you'll hear some random clicks - those are birds landing on my feeder. :-)

Hi TumeniKnobs,

Oh this is fantastic, you are not only making great music, you "deliver a great music service" as well, meaning you updated it! :-) Superb!

The birds sound now even nicer, clearer, all-in-all it sounds as if you got your mix in pretty nice shape now, beautifully done!

Your birds sound really lovely, nice singing tones really. I got at the side of my house regularly meetings held by 50 or 100 sparrows (and sparrows only), making tons of noise but whatever they discuss during their meetings, it's not that nice singing concert stuff your birds are capable of! :-)

Beautiful and thank you very much! Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads