Patch Notes:
XODES TP8 as finger-controlled mixer, mixing 4 different waveforms from Eowave titan and Instruo Ts-l as lead/bassline, going into Serpens Sirius to filter into a Takaab LPG and into Dreadbox Splash to get reverb.
Calsynth Rangoon as stringed instrument going into Mimeophon for real-time delay and beat-repeat.
Erica Pico Drums as bass drum.
XODES LB5 as logic noise into LPG as snare.
Mutable Instruments Stages as envelope generator and LFOs
Doboz XIIO as arpeggiator and note controller.
Robaux LL8 as gate sequencer
Super Vcas as vca and mixer.
Synthrotek MIXIV as mixer
Music Thing Startup as mixer and clock generator.
ADDAC Floor Control for Expression Pedal control.

Hi Brunomolteni,

That's an interesting jam you got there! He, he, the first few minutes when listening to your jam it somehow reminds me a bit of the older Dead Can Dance style of music ;-) Just a bit of Lisa's Gerrard voice and that's it mate :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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