Just had some fun recording this gritty thing.
Sound sources are mostly the FSS Gristleizer TG2, TG3, TG4 with some AJH. Plaits on kick, DrumF*ck for the noise clap, Crucible for ride. It's pretty dirty.

Nice tune @farkas, I'm really appreciating the sound design in this one, that faint background howl/drone is a great icing on the cake to the gritty vibes here. You need to post more often!

Hi Farkas,

He, he, yeah! Nice long track, bit dirty but still easily within the acceptable, I don't mind to hear more of that kind of dirt :-)

Well, thanks a lot for sharing "your dirt" ;-) and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thank you both.
I like the sort of Fluxus approach to creating a one-take, living, flowing sound with all of the dirt and ugliness left intact. @troux, the drone siren sound is a rare overdub from the Prophet. I'm usually super uninspired if I sit down with a plan and start overdubbing tracks, so I typically only record and share when I feel a certain energy. It feels naked and authentic for me to approach music that way (even if it demands patience on the part of the listener. Haha).
Thanks again, and have a great week.