The next half of my two part rack that I wish to build in the next year.
I absolutely fell in love with noise engineering stuff recently, as well as the Wogglebug and uBraids.
Should be a fun mixture of percussive sounds and analog crazy shit...

way way too many sound generators not enough of anything and everything else


sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

with at least 20% of the case for modulation and 30% for utilities

is always going to get better and more interesting results than anything else

in smaller cases probably even more utilities are actually needed (and are almost never there)

there are reasons why we usually suggest 1 voice per row, not 5!!!

please read the first post of this thread (on muffwiggler)

Jim's spot-on. The other half of this build had better be stuffed with nothing but mixers, attenuverters, VCAs, timing modules, etc etc etc...otherwise, all you're making here is a VERY expensive noisemaker, certainly NOT a musical instrument.

I checked the other half too before posting!
your hopes are unfounded Lugia!

Had a feeling...

I find it interesting that people associate "analog crazy shit" with a rack composed exclusively of digital voices. Not that they're bad, just not ... well, analog.

it's the patch cables - I think people associate analog and patch cables to some extent