This is a very simple patch with a lot going on.

XAOC Odessa, MI Plaits, MN STO, MN Telharmonic, and a Mother 32 create ambient pads and arps while WORNG Vector Space provides all modulation of oscillators, filters, and effects.

Points of modulation include: Odessa 'Density', 'Warp', and 'Harmonic Factor, Mother 32 'VCF Cutoff' and 'Mix CV' (noise), Plaits 'Harmonics' and STO 'Shape', and Ripples 'Freq.'

WORNG Vector Space is my new best friend.

Hi Mowse,

Oh, those first few tones, so tense, so nice, I am getting goose-bumps here! It also reminds me a bit of Jean-Michel Jarre's Waiting For Cousteau (original 1990 release), track 2 "Calypso - II" when that starts around 1:00+ minute.

Nicely done Mowse! Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hey, thanks. I actually have a hard time working with Odessa. It's not necessarily a complex oscillator that I understand very well. The HEL expander has made it a bit more accessible, I think.