Sieht Anna das nicht?

external sequencing?
external mixing?
mostly 'popular' feature modules!
too many voices for this size case
no utilities?
consider swapping echophon for an fx aid xl - more versatile and a lot smaller!

if the case is one of the palette 104s, I'd seriously consider swapping it for a mantis - if you can find one - cheaper and more space - yeah I know 1u tiles are cute and all, but an extra 3u row is way more useful - and it's still portable - unless GF is very small and weak!

Pretty sure this is a test, hehe.

Yeah, JakoJako probably has this figured out already. :)

Yeah, JakoJako probably has this figured out already. :)
-- farkas

probably - had no idea - most racks I see like this are newbies!!!

Can't we asked Anna to make one rack (one row will do for this purpose) full with only VCAs and we and Anna should keep that secret from JakoJako. Then when he "surprises" her with the no longer secret rack, she counter-surprises him with a rack full of VCAs and tells him:

"Well you know darling what they say on ModularGrid, you never can have enough VCAs!" :-)

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hahah what's going on here :P this is like the "Reste Kiste" of stuff that's not fitting in the other and somehow a planning of a rack that makes sense in a way of this stuff without buying too much new things to make it work
love these freaks around here

Sieht Anna das nicht?
-- JakoJako
sie guckt hier nicht rein ;)