I went through and revised my space yet again. It seems that just when have an idea for my final build, i have to change things once again. I had realized that I had 2 more inputs in my flying bus cable that I wasn't using.
Now if I'm smart, which I hope I am, id hope that I'm at least smart enough to use ALL my space if I can.
I also realized i had no VCAs... dumb lol
So, I got rid of the Varigate4+, Levit8, Polaris, and FX Aid, and exchanged them for:

Mimetic Digitalis - I watched a video on this and I love the amount of things I can do with this module. I feel like its way better than the Varigate 4+ in terms of editing, plus it saved me some room.

uJove - Its an excellent and simple filter with 4 modes and 3 cv inputs, one for resonance, one bipolar, and one unipolar.

Vnlcursal VCA - Its a 6 channel VCA which, in my book, is better than a quad VCA, not to mention its all packed in only 8hp, plus it just looks evil >:)

FX Aid XL - Its just apparently a lot better than the standard FX Aid so I thought why not.

6x Mix -3 A and 3 B inputs and 3 A+B outputs for a mixer just sounds great to me.

This made enough room for me to add Kinks and a dual buffered multiple because utilities are important.

so is this a single case or is it 1 of 2 - in which case - where's 2 of 2 - probably better to put them into a single case for planning!

definitely getting there though!!

one thing to watch with vcas - are they amplifiers or attenuators? check the max gain - if it is 1 then they are attenuators - a lot of them are like this - I prefer actual voltage controlled amplifiers, myself - useful for more things than attenuators - I would dump the intellijel buffered mult and get veils instead if it was me! I think you'll probably be fine with 4 vcas in this size case

2 0f 2 is going to be my case that I build probably next year after I've assessed all my needs with my first skiff.
I do realize that I should have gotten a bigger case, but I was on a budget and just wanted something small to start out with seeing how this will be my first ever eurorack.
The cool thing about having a second 104hp skiff though is you can daisy chain 2 Row Power 45s together and I felt like that would be a better option for my wallet.

also, the problem with ditching the Vnlcusrer VCA and Multiple and replacing the space with a Veils is that id use up all my space and have 13/14 slots filled in my bus cable. So I think ill stick with the Vnlcurser VCA and Buffered Mult just for utility purposes.

well bigger case, fewer modules always seems to make more sense to me, but each to their own!

enjoy the VCA and Mult!