OK, I've upgraded to Unicorn status...can I have special powers to get that bloody cat off the corner of my screen? It's a distracting nuisance. Yes, I am easily distracted.

I tried an overlay/pop-up blocker in Chrome, but no luck. Is there a way to disable it? Please, I'm begging.


yes - make your rack bigger than it actually is (an extra row at the bottom when editing) and never leave modules outside the rack

but you could have done that without being an unicorn!

Thank you! I didn't realize that a rogue module had fallen out of my rack and out of view. (Aren't I the doofus for getting hissy about something that is actually a helpful feature. Bad me.)

And my post suffered from pre-coffee confusion...I upgraded to unicorn independently of losing my mind over an on-screen cat :)

@oldandintheway this post made my day, that cat really is a jerk!! 🤣🤣

Giving anyone a reason to chuckle is a satisfying day's work, and it helped me recover from being traumatized by a demented stalker kitty :)

The MG cat must remain forever. It haunts us, even in our dreams.

That screaming you hear later tonight will be me.

The cat's demands are apparent: clean up your mess (and it'll go away). :)

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Oh mighty Modular-cat
Keeper of stereophonic balance

Bless the Kitty and His annoyance
Bless the coming and going (and coming and going and coming and going and coming and going and...)
May His warnings cleanse your rack build...

(with absolutely no apologies to the late Frank Herbert)

I'd still like a way to disable the cat for real tbh.

This chrome extension will hide the cat when in rack view.

This chrome extension will hide the cat when in rack view.

You people