Hey all,

I've started planning a case to supplement my Moog Mother-32/DFAM/Subharmonicon system. I'm thinking of getting a TipTop Mantis.

I think the ultimate goal would be for the system to function standalone as well, so in that vein I'm thinking I'll need the full signal chain from voicing to modulation to sequencing and some effects. After reading around, the advice I'm hearing is to start with the essentials and here's where I'm at:

ModularGrid Rack

For master clock and S&H there's Marbles
For the first voice there's Plaits
For utility there's Maths and then Links/Kinks/Shades and a mult
The filter is the Ikarie
First VCA is Veils
Microcell for some spaciness

If anybody has thoughts on this I'd love to hear, anything I'm missing for for routing to get the sound out or any limitations.

Also, I've been toying with 'the end goal' and I would want some additional voicing, sequencing w/ CV for pitch, additional LFOs, more modulation, several more VCAs, more mixing (including a matrix and I think a final mixer to pipe it all into my interface) and a nice delay/way to play with echoes and time (like maybe the Mimeophone or Beads).

To that end, I've also put together this rack below that I think includes all those elements:

ModularGrid Rack

If I'm connecting the dots right, this would cover all the bases for a standalone system with some flexibility, also keeping in mind I've got my semi modular system to supplement.

Appreciate everyone's time, feel free to critique or suggest alternatives!

looks fine

starting with a decent sized case is always a good move

if you are thinking about beads - then I wouldn't bother with the monsoon - just pre-order a beads from the second batch

plans change over time - it's easy to get sidetracked by shiny new(ly discovered) modules and important to get the modules you actually need! (only your experience will shape this) - but it looks reasonably good as a goal - save that rack now and compare what you have in the actual case when it's full with what you thought you wanted...

What is the use of the Harmonaig ? Both Marbles and VB offer quantized outputs, and I feel like such a best of a quantizer would be a lot of overkill for a relatively small build, but I may be missing something...
Also, +1 for Beads but it might be my own desires masquerading as advice.
Pretty good build overall though, Iā€™d have fun with this. Definitely do what Jim suggests, having a look at old plans after a few years can be funny, and even insightful...

even after a few months!!!

missed the Harmonaig - not familiar with Instruo to be honest

I agree not much point in a case this size - especially with the marbles and VB - unless it will allow you to generate chords - but then you really need at least 4 voices

but saying that in a bigger case with more voices it might make sense - I have a sinfonion, which I use as master quantizer and chord pattern sequencer - but I do have a lot more voices - see the "pretty big re-arrangement" thread if you want to check out my racks!!

I agree with everything discussed above. I feel like Harmonaig (as cool as it is) is complete overkill in this rack. I would be more inclined to include a uO_C instead to get some chord sequencing and a lot more in a small package. I am not smitten with the Clouds/Monsoon sound or user interface, so I would also encourage you to wait for Beads if that is the type of thing you are going for.
Finally, I believe the black panel Maths was only included with one of the Make Noise package systems, so it is not readily available. If you do actually find one for sale used, you will pay a premium just for the perceived rarity. I would recommend just getting the standard silver panel version. If you really need a black panel version for the aesthetics, I think there are some aftermarket options available. Everything else looks like a great start into the modular world.
Have fun and good luck!

If you really need a black panel version for the aesthetics
-- farkas

haha no-one needs anything for aesthetics, they might want it though!

Saying that I've always liked a slightly "bohemian" aesthetic - my modular is patchwork of black and silver and white and red and blue - maybe some fluorescent orange or green soon! and of course it's all bathed in the pulsing psychadelic light of the tv screen

but is it primarily an instrument or a fetish totem???

but is it primarily an instrument or a fetish totem???
-- JimHowell1970

I do the all black thing, and it's kind of important to me because I prefer to look at the unit as a cohesive, singular instrument rather than a collection of parts. I dunno, it just helps me view the whole thing at once rather than each module as their own island. Perhaps this is a rookie problem though.

I understand - I'm kind of pulling yer leg a bit - but quite frankly I don't even see modules unless it's un-patched and even it won't be long before I patch it again

I'd tend to see it as a rookie problem to a large extent - form over function

a beginner guitarist may want a factory fresh red strat for example - but as a guitarist I'd want the one that I liked playing the most out of a huge range of them and not care about the condition of the paintwork or which model it is - although saying that I do like the sustainer on the EOB and it would go well with my white jag - thankfully I am not in the market for another guitar!

but as I said is it an instrument or a fetish totem?

will you play with it?

or will you stand around looking at it - maybe chatting with your friends about how black and shiny and sexy it is, over cocktails??

Thanks all for the encouragement and detailed feedback, I really appreciate the time. Taking your advice into consideration, I dropped the Harmonaig and replaced with a uO_C and a Warps. Also, the Beads tip is very helpful so thanks for pointing me in the right direction there.

If there's any interest, I've updated the original link after some reshuffling and saved the rack for a comparison point down the road, we'll see how it actually turns out as it grows!

Perhaps this is a rookie problem though.

-- merzky_shoom

I would say that it is. I made what I would consider a similar mistake, building my rack with an eye towards form over function at first to some extent. I still like to group many of modules by manufacturer, but I am mindful to organize everything in a functional way first.
If it comes down to it though, I'm not paying an extra $100 for a module that is aesthetically pleasing over one that has the exact same circuitry. I guess I'd prefer to have my modular all one color, but it's a patchwork because that's what made the most sense from a playability perspective.
Have fun!

Things not matching honestly looks worse on ModularGrid than in real life, the synth looks beautiful either way šŸ˜

Things not matching honestly looks worse on ModularGrid than in real life, the synth looks beautiful either way šŸ˜
-- troux

LOL agreed plus I love them for their personality

Modular isn't about "looks". It's all about FUNCTION. Plus, people sort of expect to see a hodgepodge of different panels now that modular is more commonplace and that people sort of "get" what Eurorack's about.

Don't worry about what it looks like...worry a LOT more about what it SOUNDS like.