Focus will be on darker sounding cinematic/ambient

nice size case - very expensive housing for the moogs, though!

maths is brilliant buy it now - download the 'maths illustrated manual' and work your way through it a few times

needs way more utilities to improve the functionality though - imagine an exponential increase in patching possibilities!

If it was me, I'd take one (or 2) of the moogs out and put a load more utilities and maybe another modulation source, replace the mi clones with originals and consider replacing the lofi junky with a couple of fx aid xls

Thanks, Jim.

I already own the Moog trinity and have them in the stacked tower config. Migrating the Moogs into this case is all about saving desktop space for now. I was going to build a smaller case and put it beside the Moog tower, but once I filled it up I'd have to spend another $1,000 on a bigger case, so just decided to start with the bigger case and put the Moogs in there until it's full. If I ever do fill it up I'll move the Moogs back into their tower and have another 180hp to start filling up. I'll just have to figure out a new desk at that point.

Once I get my case built I'll probably just start with the buff mult, maths, & batumi. Then we'll see what happens. I'm sure some of the other choices will change over time.

Appreciate the input.

yeah no plan survives past the first encounter with the enemy!

why a buffered mult? what are you going to use it for?

I'd go Maths, Batumi (and poti) and a doepfer matrix mixer - maybe add a passive mult - and then add kinks and shades (or wmd/ssf toolbox) before anything else - it'll give you a good foundation of building blocks to complement the moogs - then think about another voice - I wouldn't try to be over ambitious on voices until you take the moogs out

my modular is on the floor I sit cross-legged in front of it - I too need a much bigger desk!

I'd been recommended to have mults, just so you have the option of using one source of modulation/cv in multiple places. Could save the space and just use stackable cables I guess but my understanding is that buff mults keep the signal more consistent vs passive.

Yeah, not concerned about adding more voices too soon. I've got 7 between the 3 moogs.

ok so you know there are 2 kinds of mults - passive and buffered

and you know that buffered mults are more accurate

good start...

in almost all cases other than for v/oct it really doesn't matter if your signal is slightly off - you will not notice at all

unless you have tuned your modules, even with v/oct it won't matter

in very rare cases - some of my video modules, for instance, don't like maths unless there is a buffer between them - which shows up by maths not cycling and a buffer solves this - in which case get a buffer

if after all that you still want a buffered mult - take a look at mi links - you get a buffered mult and 2 mixers (one of which can be used as a precision adder - so can also be used as a 2 output mult)