I'm also using some external drum machines, synths and drones to make space ambient and acid techno. I haven't bought the Batumi yet, but I already have the rest. Looking for some opinions on the last 10hp (or 20hp if you think I should skip the Batumi). Thanks!

Bass Station
Erica DB-01
Grendel Drone Commander

ModularGrid Rack

Anything you'd like to be doing with your rack that you can't right now?

I like the sounds that I'm getting now but I feel like they get monotonous unless I'm constantly tweaking. I'd like to add some more structure but I also want to be able to self-modulate or add randomness to that structure to keep things interesting. I'm still relatively noob and have been working on this for about a year now. I feel like I'm missing some utilities but maybe it's just me.

It's not just you...you're missing some utilities.

I had a go at the build, eliminating some modules in the process. I didn't see the point of having huge distortion and stereo delay modules taking up space, so I chucked those and went with a different FX setup. I also got rid of the sequential switch (no sequencer, so...) and modified a few things, and this is what resulted:
ModularGrid Rack
I took a BIG cue from your frustration with the current state of capability, and tinkered with this so that it's capable of more elaborate modulation, plus I added a beefier (Pachinko...Marbles clone) random signal module to kick that up considerably.

Top row: This is ALL audio now. "Voice 1" is the Dixie2+/Red Dragon/Javelin set. Then "voice 2" has the stereo oscillators feeding the Squawk Dirty via a Happy Nerding 2x SAM, which provides two stereo inputs to one stereo out, letting you submix the stereo oscillators. Morphagene follows, then I changed the VCAs to a Veils clone (getting back 2 hp for the 2x SAM) and placed that so the VCAs can function as level controls for your mixer strips.

Bottom row: PWRchekr, then a Yarns clone (much more capable than the previous MIDI interface). Pam's is after this, then the Kinks, but after that I added a CVable Logic module, which will allow you to play a couple of timing channels from the Pam's off of each other to create some more complex clocking behavior. Marbles clone is after this, then the Batumi with the Poti expander. And keeping with that, I added a Zadar and its expander; the build now has five EGs, including the one in the Javelin. A Frap 321 provides various CV/mod alteration functions, and I added three more VCAs after that...which will allow your modulation signals some improved capability by adding CV control over modulation amplitudes. Then Maths...and the FX section is now a Happy Nerding FX Aid and a knob.farm Ferry allows two channels of FX send/return for an external FX processor (or two) which can be a much more complex rack device (and those are pretty cheap right now, thanks to VSTs). Lastly, the Befaco output module.

Again, this was done with the "self-modulation" shortcomings in mind; this build now has that dealt with, and the modulation palette is MUCH more complex with the addition of the various bottom row modules and the deletion of the 32 hp's worth of FX modules. That part was a great example of "sexy modules" gone bad, as those took up the space you really needed as modulation modules. Your voices are also now laid out more sensibly, with all audio modules except the FX and output on the top. And yes, there were deletions as I've noted...but this is definitely much more focused on creating complex sounds with considerable internal change, as you'd wanted.

I started this before Lugia posted!!!

the obvious thing especially after what you have said in your last post is a lack of modulation and utility modules

I don't think you're going to achieve your goals in 10hp though and loosing batumi seems counter productive to me

my recommendation would be to put whatever you were going to spend on that 10hp module towards a new case the same size as this one

and then fill it with some modulation and utility modules that support them well matrix mixer, mults, logic, sequential switches, waveshapers, random and one or more modules that can work like meta-controllers - ADDAC VC Transitions and the like!
Doepfer are fantastic for utilities - inexpensive and do what they say they do

THANKS JimHowell1970 and Lugia for taking the time to give me this feedback! I lurk quite a bit here and it always surprises me how generous people are with their info and expertise. I think I'm going to follow Jim's suggestion by getting another case and then start filling it with some of the modules that Lugia suggested. There's goes my stimmy check! lol

There's goes my stimmy check! lol
-- isolatediguana

Money is transitory, but good musical instruments are forever. Even if they croak, you'll still have the work you created with 'em.

Second cab makes perfect sense, btw...you were gonna get one anyway (just like EVERYONE eventually does...there ARE reasons we call this "Eurocrack", after all), so go ahead and take the plunge. Just make sure this time out to put plenty of the "boring" stuff in there to make the "sexy" modules do everything they're capable of.