I shared this the other day, but was having enough fun making noise (https://stevehand.bandcamp.com/album/l-i-t) I've started thinking about a dedicated 208 rack for it, put this together, and thought I'd ask the forum what people think, what am I missing, where you'd take it.

ModularGrid Rack

Some quick notes on composition:
1) PNW for all sequencing, I don't especially want 1 V/Oct sequencing in a rack like this so a pitch sequencer isn't needed, but I still want to be able to create drum lines.
2) Maths + SSG for pitch and dynamics control, lots of fun possibilities there, A * B + C to expand that even further.
3) Crater seems awesome and a powerful kick is critical for this stuff.
4) Serge ResEQ for feedback patching, WMD SCLPL for end of chain EQ'ing.
5) Terci Ruina, DTM, + Let's Splosh for distortion (both audio and CV)
6) Warps for various effects, including wavefolding, which is a bit of an open question: is its wavefolder good enough?
7) Bad Idea #9 is playing the snare role.
8) Pressure Points plus Ears for a more performative touch (and for the ability to create distinct structural moments that PP provides).

Anyway, curious what people think and how they'd tackle this.

Alright, here's my take. I left your modulation sources alone for the most part and concentrated on voices and mixing. I've been researching similar rack ideas and noise sources myself.
I replaced Manis with BIA. BIA is so powerful and Manis ultimately seems a little limited and same-y to me. It's just not quite as versatile to me.
The MCO seems like a completely overlooked oscillator. It's got PWM, digital noise, and a sub-octave out in 6hp and under $200. I would use this and the Patching Panda Shuby linear feedback shift register to create your own percussion with the Patching Panda Punch v3. That could negate the need for the Crater.
You already have a PLL with the Interstellar Radio (the only module I regret selling), so the Doepfer PLL might be a bit redundant. I added the 100 Grit filter and Dark Matter feedback mixer just because they are so gnarly. You could probably eliminate the 100 Grit if you want to just use the Serge for filtering. You could probably also eliminate the 3xVCA and add a Bastl Waver for gnarly wavefolding since you have the VCAs in the Patching Panda, Befaco, and Dark Matter. Always a consideration with noise racks should be the X1L3 modules (Shard, Underwurlde, Wreckage). I've got the Shard and it's impossible to tame.
I would have a lot of fun with this rack. Let me know what you think.
ModularGrid Rack

Nice @farkas, I'll take a look at some of these!

I forgot to mention, I find that the Moffenzeef modulation and utility modules are really interesting and unique if you can still find them somewhere. His voices and noise sources are a little more limited in my book. I have the Moffenmix, Mito, and Deviant and love them. I got rid of the Muskrat though. It was one of those things that I just couldn't fit in anywhere. All of his stuff is weird, but not always in the most useful way. YMMV.

I had his work in mind but seems super hard to get ahold of @farkas. I'll have to give reverb a scour 🤔

Try Analogue Haven, troux...they appear to have been dealing in Moffenzeef since they started putting modules out.


Nice, thank you both!