What do you think about my plan?
Am I something missing?
Thanks for your input!

Copy and paste the URL to your rack here so that we can see which one you are looking for guidance on.

ModularGrid Rack

what are you trying to achieve?

it looks like you threw a random collection of modules that generate and process audio and some that might trigger them, for the size of the case a poor showing of both modulation sources and utilities and what there is is not enough - not a lot of research - and misunderstanding of what modules actually do - you'll have a hell of a time using hel without odessa

try counting the number of each type of module you have - you have sound sources, sound modifiers, modulation sources, sequencers, trigger sources and utilities

are the sound sources stereo or mono?

will the effects stereoize mono signals?

have a think about the ratio of them and what they are used for and particularly how you would use them when patching

think about how you will listen to this - do you have enough mixer channels, do you have enough vcas, do you have attenuators (or any other tools for sculpting modulation)?

how many sequencer channels do you have? how many voices that use v/oct? how many buffered mults? do you own tuner? do you have on on your phone?

take the neutron out of the case - it's a waste of space and money - the neutron already has a case and power supply

this will free enough space for ample utilities and modulation sources to support the shiny feature modules that you have in your case

there's no point buying lots of sound sources and sound modifiers and ways to play them, if you can't listen to them for starters

Yeah, without knowing what kind of music you are doing, or if you have any other gear, it's going to be hard to guide you on anything too specific. I'm in agreement with Jim that this doesn't look like much research was conducted prior to building a playable instrument.
Fill us in with more details on what you are trying to accomplish with this. How do you see Eurorack solving a problem?

OK.. Thanks!
The hel expander was a mistake.. On its place there is the xaoc poti..
There are both, mono and stereo processing..
I mix my things up via a 1010 bluebox which I own.. Enough mono and stereo channels..
I have 6 vcas which should be enough I think?
I have 4 lfos, 4 envelope generators, the Pam's new workout, envelope followers for modulation...do you think this isn't enough??
I have a Buffered mults, and a passive one plus 2 passive ones on neutron..
I have 2 sequencer channels (bloom), I trigger drums and envelopes via the robaux.. A tuner is still in (zeroscope)..
The behringer gives me some modules I don't have in the case.. (noise, random, slew limiter, 2 more adsr, 1 lfo, oscillators, overdrive...)
I don't think it's to bad?
Looking out for math in the future..
Please let me know if I have make thinks clear?
I don't think I thr is a random collection.. Best reinhard

I mostly do ambient stuff, but not only..
I like to trigger drums via the robaux on the bitbox then filter up stuff via belgrad, clock for the sequencers (Pam, robaux) is Coming from Pam's (which is also do much timesynced modulation)
For ambient stuff I use rings and 4ms resonator into clouds and the tapo delay (stereo),percussion triggered via robaux on bitbox.. Modulation from the xaoc zadar and batumi and my 6 vcas..

The neutron is my lead synth.. I often use it to bring a bass Melodie idea in and build up..

The heart of the system is the bitbox.. Which has reverb and delay, adsr, vcas, mixer, a ton of sounds (v. Per octave) plus drum sounds build in, the bitbox was my first module from which I build around.. The stereo mixer in the case was used mostly for submixes for the effects..
I often patch things up, sample those and do percussion.. I also own a punch of soma labaratory gear which is fed into the 4ms input (generates trigger, envelopes..) and then I experiment a lot..
I live in a place where nobody is interested in synths.. So I really enjoi this conversation 😉

Ah, OK. I'm not that familiar with the Bitbox or the Robaux, but they look fairly powerful.
For ambient sounds, I would probably be looking at adding more random modulation like a Triple Sloths and a sample and hold, or something similar. Marbles may be another good addition, but Bloom might achieve some of the same things as Marbles. A way to mix CV signals, like the Happy Nerding 3xMIA, would probably be a fun addition.
I also like low pass gates a lot for plucky percussive sounds. They can be fairly inexpensive and can act sort of like a filtered VCA. A nice wavfeolder could give you a new range of tones too.
I also live in a place where there aren't many people interested in synths. Not even my friends... haha.
Welcome to MG! Have fun and good luck.

Hmmmm...well, echoing Jim here, take the Neutron OUT of the cab. It already has its own cab and power, so when you take something that has those and put it into another case with power, you'll need to factor in the price of the space/power you're now taking up in your main cab. Seems convenient to do, but in the end it's majorly wasteful of your Eurorack case space and power...especially at 80 hp. Remember: treat your more expensive Eurorack case space as a commodity...because, at the cost of Eurorack cabs AND the necessity for that space for UNhoused modules, that space should ONLY be for devices that require it. The Neutron doesn't.

There's some other things I could suggest, but with that one synth taking up 80 hp that it shouldn't, it's hard to determine what the ACTUAL layout of this (and additional modules) should be.

i also do Ambient,for LPGs i got recommended these

havent recieved them yet,but they are underway.

for sample and hold i usea mutable Instruments kinks great little utility(so is links)

1 thing i wouldalso recommend is a matrix mixer,i use this one

Thanks for the matrix mixer tip!! I need one!!
Also the kinks and LPG are really what I need!!
So neutron will leave the case..
Thx for your input!!