Hi there!

I put my MOOG DFAM back into its own case due to SRSR (Sudden Rack Space Restrictions) after purchasing QU-BIT DATA BENDER and SQUARP RAMPLE. I now have some 22-28 HP left in row 2 of my 3x 104 Moog 3-Tier Stand rack (depending on my sale of the AUDIO DAMAGE DUB JR MK II).

Any advise on what might be a good addition?

My Rack is accompanied by
- a ROLAND TR6s Drum Machine and the MOOG DFAM, so there is no need for additional Drum modules.
- an ERIKA DB-01 Bassline synth
- a ROLAND JU06a Poly-Synth
- a Fender Rhodes `73 MK II staging all the gear mentioned above


The M32 doesn't belong in there, either. Consider how much space it takes up in the rack, and how much that space actually costs...then add it to what you paid for it. Put it back in its case as well and get a multi-tier bracket for the Moog stuff...that looks cooler, anyway.

As for the rest of the build...uhhh...OK, it's a bit apparent that you're OVERreliant on the Moogs for things such as VCAs, attenuverters/mixers, and so on. Plus, there's a lot of little 2 and 3 hp modules all over the place in between the "sexy" modules (and we'll get at that in a bit), sort of like shower-grout mold. Or something about as useful as that, because if you'd just return the 120 hp that the Moogs are stealing, you'd have room for PROPER versions of those modules, such as mixers where you can actually control your source levels (kindasorta important). And the layout is just...well, it's haphazard, very random, with no discernable order to the modules with respect to signal flow, function grouping, etc.

There's some decent modules in here...but it doesn't seem like there's any overall plan for this. Even with the Moogs in place, the remainder of the modules just don't seem to make a lot of sense. Then there's the plan to toss the Audio Damage delay...which I think is just plain nuts. For one thing, it's a pretty good dub-style delay...and if you're doing repetitive ambient work (ie: Berlin school type stuff), you NEED delays such as that to increase your sequencing density and to "canonically" shift parts of one line against each other...delay-line hocketing, basically. Plus, it has an INSERT in its feedback loop...which has massive abuse potential! Yes, I see the Chronoblob up above, and yes, it's a delay with that same sort of insert...and actually, it and the DubJr are some of the very few affordable and decently-sized delays that offer this. It's also discontinued...so if you toss it and then realize that that WAS a mistake, good luck finding another one!

"Additions" aren't the problem here. This is a build that's got some real systemic problems, in my opinion. You've got a cab here that's got the size necessary to house a KILLER module complement, but the whole thing's hamstrung by the Moogs. They're robbing over a third of your cab space which you clearly need for actual modules...as you're discovering. This would be MUCH better off if you pulled those and then worked at making a cohesive modular synthesizer build out of the odds and ends that currently occupy the rack. You can even keep some space open (which I'd suggest...3 x 104 SHOULD offer plenty of expansion room) to build beyond that. Then start regrouping modules, aiming for a layout that's way more cohesive that way. Once you do that, it should be considerably more apparent where the shortcomings are.

Wow - thanks for sharing your thoughts and the effort of writing that down!
That is actually very helpful. Seems I have not yet discovered the (unwritten?) rules of layout/functional grouping...
you are right, my self-developed "overall plan" is based mainly on "I like thisandthat module and I place it tactically where it has the least interference with cables and knobs of neighbouring modules - in order to maximise sight and usability".
The 2HPs e.g. are placed exactly like that for "maximising space for their knobs twiddling" - e.g. not directly besides cable sockets or knobs of neigbour modules.

A mixer for source level handling is already included (see the LIFEFORMS SYSTEMS INTERFACE, which also gives me flexible AUX effects routing options.

I also agree on the cool optics of the MOOG Multitier brackets - this is actually where I came from: a MOOG 60 HP 3-Tier Stand which I liked very much, but these 180 HP quickly became too limited in space. So I replaced that by a Moog 104 3-Tier-Rack (I should have noted that in my original posting - edited that meanwhile). So the three rows you see here are actually angled vs. each other, with the bottom row (do you call it skiff?) lying flat (from a haptical usability point of view very good for the Mother 32 and the SEEK, since I make use of their "keyboards" a lot - and it feels better for me to touch the keys DOWNwards instead of FORwards). The top row stands upwards - good for handling the knobs especially of the Subharmonicon and the Chronoblob.

I`d like to stay with this Rack and the M32 inclusion without adding another Stand/Rack apart from the external 60HP DFAM case (if at all). But I follow your advice on not selling the DUB JR MK II in order to go down the route of discovering its Inserts capabilities. Therefore an Impulse I take right away from your feedback is looking for Dub-Techno style Filtering/Phasing/???modules. Any Hint on those?

Again, Thanks for sharing your thoughts!